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Ro, give yours 8/10. Like it overall. Tunic really works with that look. Only thing distracting are the boots. The rest of the ensemble is concealing, and you see fleshy ankles... Kind of brings my attention back to the feet.

I know. I went through the model viewer boot by boot through EVERY leather boot they had and nothing seemed to fit right :( Colors just don't lend to that set at all. I tried the boots that are with the same set as the helm I used, but they seemed off.

/le sigh

I will say, you get my 8/10. I have always loved the corsetted look of the Tier 9 rogue set. One suggestion I have would be to try the dark shoulders and legs from the Discovery set (http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=1078). I found that they went really well with that top.

But you work it nonetheless.
But your so tiny and cutesy! I could just eat you up! NOMNOMNOMNOM... Yeah... that happened.

You're a Draenei. It's what you are expected to do with Gnomes. >.>
nice style, and the tabard totally goes with that.
the blades look sick too very 9/10
Love, it, matches except for the staff.

I'm missing my boots for this set :/
8/10 ignoring the boots.
8.5/10 Love the simplicity and the stein. Can't go wrong with a stein.
1/10 All the armor/color clash with each other. However, if that's what you're going for 10/10 lol.
9/10 ignoring boots. Those swords are preeeeetty.
8/10 Really like the colors. Also like the little strips of color you can choose for Female Pandaren's hair.

Jealous of your helm xmog - not sure about the staff though.
I like it!


Awesome staff!
Shiaoyu, great minds think alike lol, but you need to scour your Ah to finish the traveler's set. I wasn't a big fan of the helm so I replaced it with... dun dun dun... Cursed Vision like every other leather wearer in the game lol.
Classic set, like how the malv weapons fit nearly perfect with it. 8/10!
Primal, regardless of how much I detest you space goats and your alliance I must admit you look pretty snazzy. Also...Zug Zug.
Mikthook, 8/10. I really like your set, just wish the red in the gloves matched better.
9/10 for you Grimms! i actually have a similar set sitting in my bank haha :)
@ Grimms, I wish they did as well. (nice set Ziagger and Grimms). Sadly they are the best I can seem to locate in the game.
Still working on this set, need to possibly find different shoulders, gloves and boots....but I am really happy with the chest, hat and legs.

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