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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
I love this game, but it’s gotten kind of stale and I’m interested in exploring it in a whole new way.

I’m looking to start an RP Adventure group on an EST RP-PVP server, Horde-side. The idea is to start from scratch – no BoAs and no Alt. help (including DKs).

All you need is a character, backstory, and an interest in seeing this through. There is no race, class, or profession restriction – you play what you like.

Characters so far:
BE Rogue
Troll Druid
What server were you thinking and would these characters only be leveled when everyone is on at the same time so no one is out leveling another?
Looks like Ravenholdt is the only EST RP-PVP server.

If you expanded your criteria to include CST, you would also have the following to choose from:

Emerald Dream
Twisting Nether
Went with Emerald Dream. I’ve already started a character and will form a guild sometime today.

With so many conflicting schedules, I think it’s best not to restrict character play to when everyone is online – staying within a few levels of each other should do the trick.
Are you still doing this and if so, are you accepting people?
Yes - and you're more than welcome to join.
Might have to join in on this.
Ok I am about to make the character. Do you want me to just send you a message with my battetag and character information once it is done?
@Morningxstar: That'll work.

@Khairn: Plenty of room for you.

You can give me your Battletag or let me know when you've created your character and I'll add you to the guild. I'll be checking back periodically for updates.
I think I'm gonna join in on this.

I'll mail you or whisper you if your on with my Information.
My character name is Vazquez - feel free to mail or whisper me and I'll add you.
I might be interested, I'm just going to post a comment so I can find this thread easily.
I like this, I will message you in game

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