Macro Help? - Hand of Sacrifice

I'm currently using "/cast [@mouseover,exists] [] Hand of X" for all of my hands, so I can either mouse over the character, raid frame or target the player and cast a hand on them. All of them work fine except for Sacrifice. I can target and mouse over the player and cast the spell fine, but it will not work if I mouse over the raid frame and attempt to cast it. Can I please get some help with this issue? Thank you.
/use [@mouseover,exists,nodead,help]Hand of Sacrifice;Hand of Sacrifice

Here's what mine looks like. I'm thinking yours should work... maybe check spelling and your macro syntax?

Sometimes I hit period when I should be hitting comma.
Thank you, but it doesn't seem to work for me, I can still target and cast, mouseover the player and cast, but it doesn't let me mouse over the player in the raid frames and cast. I double checked the spelling and syntax of both your macro and mine and they're correct. I assume you can mouseover the player in raid frames and cast it?
Ya, it works for me in raids. Odd :x
Sounds like possibly some kind of issue with your raidframes, rather than the macro?
All other macros of the sort, using different hands work with my raid frames. I'm currently using standard Blizz raid frames.
Weird, I dunno what to tell you.

The only thing special about Hand of Sacrifice is that it can't be self-targeted, but I don't see why that would cause issues with raid frames.
Good news everyone, the Sacrifices are flowing again! I fixed the problem, I changed the bind I use for it. Apparently mouse3 won't allow me to mouse over people in raid frames and cast it.
Thank you both for your help ^_^ very much appreciated.

Edit: I just tried it again with mouse3 but without a target and not mouse-ing over anything, the curser with glow and it WILL allow me to cast it on raidframes while the curser glows.
Sounds like you have a lua file error, which can be tough to correct.


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