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Jandi, I wonder if having an 'inverted cycle' would help for people in your situation. Just flip the clock by 12 hours, and voila.. midnight is now noon!

Yes, but then people who only play during the day would have the same problem :)

A cycle of around 6 hours would work best, I think.

Not necessarily. The 'invert cycle' would be an option for you to turn on or off based on your needs/wants. So, I could play at noon (invert cycle off) and have it look like noon, and you could play at midnight (invert cycle on) and also have it look like noon.

I really need to stop overthinking this..lol. I just want to be able to turn night on. =D
I really couldn't put my finger on what was different about playing at night....now I know!

It's sad really, that so many complained. Bring back the night, I say. WoW needs the different changes to keep it interesting.
While we're on the subject, I'd LOVE to see them implement lightning/thunder, and snowfall.
How about some wind?

I love going to an area when it's raining, but have often felt it needed a bit more to make it a bit more "realistic". JM2C
I agree, we need the night back. And the second moon as well!
I agree, bring back nighttime! And the second moon, I've been wondering whatever happened to it - why take that out, as it didn't affect anything?

The person above me says it's back in the game, but I haven't seen it in a long, long time. Maybe it just stays on the other side of the planet longer now, lol!
I support this also. Been so long since they changed it you forget how great it was.
I hope the supporters are all clicking the Like button in the OP :)
Well.. and the WoW world is flat.. There's night at the same time everywere, in EK and Kalimdor and.. :)
I think this is all not true. I have screenshots from 2004 taken at night and it looked exactly the same as it does now, lit but a bright fullmoon.

Someone has yet to show me a single screen shot demonstrating this darker night. I am now going to sort through the thread to see if I overlooked anything other than the doctored images people post of Orgimmar and Stormwind someone made to show what WOW "could" look like.

Does anyone have a screenshot of the darker night?
BTW people have been asking for darker nights as long as I remember as well, going back to early vanilla. Blizzard said nights look like they do for people who only can play at night, they don't want them too effected by the gloom.

But again, this wasn't changed. This was designed this way from the start as far as I know and people seem to just find the notion a romantic symbol of nostalgia that never even existed as far as I am concerned.

These screenshots are from 2004 and both at night, I don't see any difference.


it was completly dark in org when i logged last night. And it was epic. Stars where out and moonlight was hitting my goat face :D
Ok, so these are examples of the old night. Interesting, it's more subtle than people made it out to seem.

I love this post.

And this makes me want to play on a PvP realm:
It was especially awesome on a pvp server when you're just running around doing your thing and suddenly there is a red name tag floating in the darkness.
...and then it disappears and you hear the dreaded sound of some rogue stealthing.
/freak out
I don't see much difference at all other than the far away fade on view limit being darker, and one of these examples has the moon halo effect, which I thought was added with sunshafts in Cata, so how old is this change supposedly?
Ok, so these are examples of the old night. Interesting, it's more subtle than people made it out to seem.


It WAS subtle, but it was nice. It is different now. Sometimes I'll be playing at midnight and think "wait, is it nighttime on here?" and I have to look up at the sky to see that it is indeed night time. I recall it being darker and things being appropriately colored so it looked to be lit by moonlight.

The thing about it being too dark is silly. Just turn up the brightness of your screen. I recall actually having to do that which is how I know that there used to be a difference.
even then, Night in wow is not enough night. I wish it was...

why the**** did they remove it... i seriously dont get it

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