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I've never posted in a thread before, but this.. i like this shiz.
I think this is all not true. I have screenshots from 2004 taken at night and it looked exactly the same as it does now, lit but a bright fullmoon.

Someone has yet to show me a single screen shot demonstrating this darker night. I am now going to sort through the thread to see if I overlooked anything other than the doctored images people post of Orgimmar and Stormwind someone made to show what WOW "could" look like.

Does anyone have a screenshot of the darker night?
For the most part WoW's night was a blue filter. So everything was still just as bright as the day time, just with a blue tinge and different skybox, but it never really got dark without modifying the client in some way. Just look at the pics provided in the EU thread, it's still bright as day.

I do agree with this sentiment though, there should be a night cycle.

I imagine it was removed due to the changes they've made to lighting and various other effects bogging down the many, many toasters that people run this game on.
Ok digging through old screens I found some night ones. Dont mind my graphics card it was really bad then..

http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b301/scooter2/30993254.jpg .tons of stars cant see them that good here, but lots.

http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b301/scooter2/a8860732.jpg ..think this was down by the salt flats

Poster above me, I disagree there was def night. As a matter of fact riding up to org at night it was dark only the areas around the bonfires/torches cast light.
Yes plz, bring it back.
Agreed, Night time plox.
Ya know, I had always noticed something was quite different about this game during the nighttime; altho I could never put my finger on it until recently when I noticed that the nighttime lighting had changed.

There was a certain fun/mystery added into the game when things got dark. It made questing in highly-forrested areas or just darker/creepier zones all that more immersing and fun. The perpetual daylight thing is lame. Oh, the sky says it's night but the ground is still like it's high noon...hmmmmm

At most you might get a blue reply but you'll never get the night back. I doubt anyone who has influence over this will see the thread and even if they did it would hardly be a priority even though it seems like it would be easier to fix than most things in this game.
Did they do this too back in Wrath? I can't seem to remember, but it be nice to have that back, turn off all the lights in my room, grab a cup of coffee or tea and listen to the sounds of WoW at night instead of it always being disabled.

You don't need to scheme and keep it day time all the time Blizz, don't worry I pay the fee with my credit card haha.
I Agree. Bring back the night!!
I remember we used to have foggy days in Arathi Basin. I don't recall that coming up recently at all. Did they get rid of that too?
I support bringing back a real night to Azeroth, with the additional demand of more weather effects; where are our snowy days and foggy mornings? I know Blizz has the capability to make all this happen and make the world feel a bit more real, and I just can't understand why they don't act on it.
Night please
i agree with this post
I would love this so much!
I had no idea how much i missed this till i seen the screenshots of the old days.

You have my full support!
They finally put the other moon in the sky, so that gives me hope.

Bring on the night!

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