[Suggestion] Bring back the Night!

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Night time in Duskwood was just plain scary. Bring it back for sure.
Completely agree. We need night time.
01/29/2013 07:53 AMPosted by Gotnov
I hope the supporters are all clicking the Like button in the OP :)

How does one see the likes/dislikes number of a post?

You can't.

But once a lot of people click "Like" (no idea what the # is) it will highlight the opening post and hopefully grab Bliz's attention.

On the other side, if you ever see a post that is "Buried" or greyed out text, that means a lot clicked Dislike.
That was one of the things i loved about everquest when it first came out..night time was night time.. If you didnt carry a torch or lantern of a firebettle eye at low lvl you couldnt see squat. It was awesome
Agree. I miss when it was actually dark at night.
Yep, this is one of the biggest faults of WoW, IMO. It really doesn't feel like you're in a living "world". Everything looks the same. The mobs are always spawned in the same places, etc. Everything feels stagnant. Ideally, we'd see weather, different mobs coming out during different times of day, etc.

Outside of major holiday world events, the world rarely changes.

The other thing I would like to see is mobs pathing further. They have this really small path atm, cant it be lengthened by a good 3-5 metre?
01/29/2013 05:54 AMPosted by Renshaw
I cannot agree more. /like
01/29/2013 05:52 AMPosted by Kyà
I remember when it actually got dark in azeroth, I would like to see that brought back... along with the other moon

There are 2 moons again. I recorded a (cheesy) video a couple months back just before Mists launched in 5.0.4 and put up on my youtube, if curious here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQ1fjsrmeko

I also vote Hell Yeah, dark nights. I really liked the real night time version of Org.. looks amazing! http://i.imgur.com/ovKwermh.jpg
Like night in Firefall? I dont think most people's PCs can handle shadows properly.
01/29/2013 01:37 PMPosted by Fayenoor
Like night in Firefall? I dont think most people's PCs can handle shadows properly.

Probably not, more like bring in darker shades for the world like dark blues and greys for buildings instead of bright clay and cement colors as if daylight was glaring off of the walls, to where its obviously night time but not black like a real life forest at night. More people would complain about not seeing anything then it would do good. Like the picture I put in my above post. http://i.imgur.com/ovKwermh.jpg
At least an option to click a checkbox for "Simulate night/day" or something like that. Kind of like they have for weather effects.
+1, I'm for bringing it back.
Agreed. Where do I sign
As old a suggestion as this is, I can't help but agree every time I see it.

Please give us back our nights.
This is a must have. I play on a PST server, so I rarely get to see 'night'. But whenever I do, I am shocked by how bright it is.
I'd love to have that back :3 Y U BRIGHT ALL DAY AZEROTH? D:
I too miss nighttime

Would love to see night time brought back!

And weather effects.
Let there be night! Also, how about some more weather! I wouldn't mind the occasional downpour/dust storm/blizzard.

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