Pets you would like to add to WoW! :)

Pet Battles
I want the Sassy cat in Tol Barad.
The wind-up Corgi.
02/03/2013 11:06 PMPosted by Hobb
The wind-up Corgi.

Also how about a Hydra?
There isn't a Hydra pet yet, right?

And more demon pets would be cool.
Mini-Succubi ftw!
Always wanted a baby Kodo since I first saw one at the original Darkmoon Faire.

A Satyr would be lovely!

A cow would be cute.

A unicorn would be awesome!
I was doing Firelands earlier and I saw some critters there, the Magmaspray Beetle, the Kindleworm and the Cinderslither Snake, would be cool if they were capturable, the kindleworm and the beetle got some cool skins and the snake's head is on fire! xD
A mini Abom would be awesome. I was fighting Patchwork the other day while trying to get Gluths pet and I kept thinking how cute a mini abom would be!
Id like to see some more demon like pets (kind of like mini warlock pets maybe? A succubus?)
Mini Alexstrasza looking dragon (wasn't there a model for something like this data mined a while back?)
Personally I'd love a pet similar to Frosty since I will never own him myself. Maybe another color? A green one? Or just bones?
01/29/2013 08:03 AMPosted by Eothen
- Jellyfish (pink or purple bubble)

only if it has electrical attacks and squirts jelly

01/29/2013 08:38 AMPosted by Mantaur
Beaver Pet

We have these already!

I'd like to see an owl that actually looks like an owl. A baby duck, a salamander, chameleon, badger, candelabra, hamster, flying squirrel, suit of armor, flying fish, pelican, baboon, sprite, mushroom, hermit crab, unicorn, cerberus, hydra

the critters from stonetalon pass are pretty funny with their helmets and shotguns.

and please for the love of god, a murloc that doesn't cost $300 on ebay.
01/29/2013 01:49 PMPosted by Liriana
Kunchong Hatchling

Also,I would love a chance to get Wikky as a battle pet inside the Bag of Helpful Things
I second the Mini Lich King suggestion.

My team would be Lil' L.K., Lil' K.T., and Mr. Bigglesworth. I don't care how optimized it would be, I would never deviate from that.
Baby Talbuks
Chromatic whelpling in my opinion (the pinkish looking ones in BRS, same color as the experiment mount from DS) and YES to baby talbuks, Lena! That would be adorable!!!
I want to see in WoW Barsoom's creatures as pets and/or mounts.


White Ape


Mini-shas. So want a mini-sha.
A hippo!

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