Cooking 1-525, what's the point?

at halfhill across from the flight path there is a cooking trainer that has very trivial recipies to skill up to 525 mostly with mats bought from the vendor right next to him.
If you're leveling fishing on another toon, you can get to about just short of 500 cooking just by cooking the fish you catch, and without spending any epicurean awards, and you could complete it with the daily cooking quests, but you may as well just hit the pandas up for your leet skill once you hit that level range.
01/29/2013 11:56 AMPosted by Agronatek
How does it benefit Blizzard to have people skip hours of leveling? So they can stand in town more?

Uh, what? There are literally thousands of games that don't require leveling that have hours of gameplay beyond standing around a town.
It ruins cooking IMO. Unless you REALLY want to take the time to level a toon with cooking, like I tried to do, there is no point. Everytime I went to work on my cooking I just thought to myself: "I'm wasting my time, I'll be able to hit 525 in a few minutes once I'm lv85."

I guess in some ways it's good, but it just removes the whole point of putting time into levelling it. Cooking dailies are enough IMO. Other professions don't have "dailies" that you can easily raise your skill in. (Other than Fishing.) That I know of anyways.
Because alts.

It takes 35 minutes to go from 1 to 525 using this method, assuming you have the mats that you can't buy from the vendor in front of you.

Pointless exaggeration is pointless.

As a father of 9 who works 80 hours a week, I find this highly offensive.

The 35 minutes I spent on my 11 character's secondary professions should of been 10 minutes long. Who has time to level cooking anyways.

if you got 9 kids ...i cant believe you are !@#$%ing about warcraft...your post/comment is fake ...your are like 7 years old..and if you do have 9 kids you are an idiot...

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