February Free Razer Keyboard Giveaway!

Just as it says! Next month i will be holding some kind of little competition or roll of some sort to giveaway a Razer Keyboard ( WIll be the anasani (sp?) or the Black Widow depending on the number of viewers) To get started just go to

Twitch.tv/Divinity191 and click the follow button then be there next month ( Exact day to be announced ) For the competition to have a chance at winning!!! (No charges to win, shipping is included in giveaway, must have me on follow to win!)

Thanks all!
i want one
Me too!
Hoho your my fav
it's a sexy keyboard
Free stuff!
OMG, its comming this month! GIVING AWAY 2 FREE PETS WHILE I PREPARE!
but i have all the pets i want a mount!
I just bought the Steelseries mouse to give away in March :D Yay!

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