<Dark Resolve> 15/16 HM Late night

Currently <Dark Resolve> is recruiting for our late night raid on Tues-Wed-Thu-Sun from 11 PM (PST/Server time)- 3 AM. We are currently:

6/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6 Heroic Heart of Fear
3/4 Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring

We will continue to push content as fast as it is released. Without going into a whole long post, we are looking for players who meet our criteria:

-Optimized in all aspects of your character (gear, talent, glyphs, etc). Showing that you care enough to do this shows us that you care enough to take raids seriously.
-Patience. Wipes happen, sometimes they're my fault, sometimes they're yours. They also fall under the old adage "Practice makes perfect". We'll kill it, and wipes are a part of that process.
-Maturity. Age isn't so much a factor as maturity is. We curse, we joke around with each other, and we have a good time. Having a sense of humor goes along with this.
-Attendance. Being a 10 man guild attendance is very important. Emergencies happen, but if they stop you from making 90% of our raids, then it may be a good idea to look at other times.

As far as loot goes we use a 3 man Loot Council awarding loot based on the overall need of the raid. If you believe that raiding is for gearing up the individual then you probably would not fit well with us. Since most of our recruits are transfers we believe that the transfer is enough to demonstrate a desire to continue to raid with us, so there is no "trial" period as far as loot is concerned. From the moment you start raiding with us you are eligible for loot.

Sound like you fit? Great! Feel free to post on these forums, add my Real ID or Battletag vandenzmog82@gmail.com/Vanden#1251, or find me in game! Generally I like to also pull potential recruits into vent with myself and one or two of our raiders to get a feel for each other.

NOTE: We are not recruiting projects or undergeared people. Please have current raid tier experience as well as the ability to jump right into progression and compete with your fellow raiders.
bad guild
I love you too
even though horde, trying to find the right guild. Forum Post with resume posted below:

Van is sexy
Bump for Viking helms!
Bump for greatness
Killed tsulong and stuff still need a good shaman
How do I get to Terrace?
Do you guys still do the INSTAWIN strat?
Of course its the only way! Bump for resto shamans and INSTAWINS!
Even if we were recruiting a lock you'd have to be really persuasive for me to try to convince all of my raiders to go Horde and even then I don't think it would work out. Unfortunately we aren't even recruiting a lock, so while I do admire your persistence I don't see this happening :O
Zaraki #1 Forsaken warlock
LF 1 dps of the range persuasion
CAKE BUMP! And if you are good I will give you free yak rides!

P.S Ruthers not included.

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