can you still get this bow?

PVP will always require more skill, more experience, and more awareness than PVE ever will. The game is just designed that way.

Actually no, it takes about the same skill level to excel on both. The main difference is the benefit granted by learning to use key binds vs clicking, that and that one gives you a palpable edge over a good percentage of the competition just by having a specific comp
02/01/2013 02:16 AMPosted by Aphbrodite
You're basically insinuating that skill and familiarization are synonymous.

...because it is.

"Skill" is nothing more than learned proficiency, by definition.

It is learned through familiarization, which is why a person can't become good at pve or pvp without actually doing them (and actually putting forth the effort to BE good at them).

not going oom while doing the quest was the hardest part, back when pots were spammable, sooo much gold on mana pots, haha

good times

Finding mats to make the shadow protection pots was fun. I was our raid's survival hunter at the time, so I was lucky and the Ungoro demon was incredibly easy.
01/31/2013 01:01 AMPosted by Koneko
Raiding back then required 40 people who could actually function as a team.

Err... I wouldn't go THAT far. It only required about half of the raid not be mouthbreathers to be completely honest.

Maybe when you got the quest item. Not when I did.

When I got the quest item T2 items had just stopped dropping off of the bosses. We were still gearing up as a guild. I started raiding that early on.

I did 40 person undead stratholme runs that were almost impossible to do. Talk about chaos. No one really knew enough to organize anything efficiently at that time. That came with concerted efforts in MC with a desire for new gear.

Carrying came later. Before Vanilla ended I was doing 10-12 person runs for TF because we overgeared the content.

You mention being a survival hunter. Why? MM was the only useful spec in MC days. The extra shooting range was that important to help keep people spread out enough to survive the mechanics.
You mention being a survival hunter. Why?

Expose weakness.
That's what rogues were for...

At least good rogues provided that in most guilds. It was less of a DPS loss.

I made no claims to my own skill, only contradicted someone who was incredibly condescending to pretty much everyone who enjoys raiding, something this game has more or less survived on for the past 8 years. I even pointed out that according to the literal definition of skill both pve'rs and pvp'rs who are successful could be considered to have it.

I'm not being condescending to raiders. I'm telling you that raiding doesn't require skill. It requires a bit of coordination and a few good players who know what they're doing. The rest of the window lickers are more than capable of being carried through all non-heroic PVE content.

I love how you say that raiding doesn't require skill, yet in order to be carried you need "a few good players who know what they're doing." Since the enterprise itself requires a "few players who know what they're doing" to get the job done, it means raiding requires skill to get the job completed.

What's even more comical is that you have to qualify your "anti-skill pve" rant by deliberately carving out and dismissing an entire section of what PVE is: heroic content.

There are lots of PvPers who get carried all the time in RBGs and Arenas. All that's needed is "a few good players who know what they're doing" and just as a kicker "a bit of coordination."
That's what rogues were for...

At least good rogues provided that in most guilds. It was less of a DPS loss.

That's "expose armor" not "expose weakness".

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