[H] <Beyond> 10m LFM

Shattered Hand
Hello Shattered Hand!

<Beyond> is seeking a few competent players interested in casual 10-man content. Raid days are Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30-10 server. We are pretty fun and laid back people that desperately want to kill bosses and take their loot. And we want you to come along for the fun too!

We will accept anyone interested in joining but immediate spots that need to be filled are:
Shaman, mage, rogue, hunter, monk DPS
Monk or paladin heals

Now don't be fooled by the 'casual' description I so lovingly tag our guild as. We expect our raiding-types to be fully enchanted, properly reforged, flasked, and Vented. Our atmosphere is sometimes adult in nature but we don't have an age restriction - just an expectation of maturity. You don't have to have experience in raiding to join. In fact I love hearing myself talk so will gladly explain fights. We also love helping you gear up/enchant/learn, however we also expect a certain level of motivation on the players end to seek assistance.

Talk to me in game or feel free to post here.

My battletag is hundredth#1699 for anyone interested.

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