Nagrand Lock LF arena partner for rating

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Hi guys Im after an arena partner (pref a healer) for 2v2 or to join a not too serious 3v3 team. While I like to win i dont particularly want an elitist nerd raging at me if i make a mistake. After all I do believe this game should be played for fun.

I do not want to be carried at all. I would like to earn my rating. Im sitting around 1300 or 1400 at the moment from Pugs in trade and would like some one of similar skill level so we can work towards getting better as a team together on a regular basis.

I am by no means the best pvp lock on Nagrand, far from it but Im willing to work at it to get better and maybe eventually achieve 2200 rating. My pvp ilvl is 476

I live in West Aus so some one within a similar time zone would be fantastic.

If anyone is interested feel free to comment or add me in game or even send me mail.
Cheers for your time.

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