How do I put runes on a copper rod?

I'm a noob that's been playing for less than a month and as a warlock for about a week. Long story short, I picked enchanting as a profession and don't really know much about using magic, hence my question. How do I put runes on the copper rod I purchased so I can use it to enchant items? Thank you in advance for any help I may receive.
To get to your professions list, open the spellbook (default key = "P") and click the [Professions] tab on the bottom. Click on "Enchanting" to open the profession interface; here you will see all of the recipes that you know, and what materials are required to craft them.

For your runed copper rod, you will need to have a copper rod (I believe you purchase those from Enchanting Goods Suppliers, NPCs that usually hang out near the Enchanting Trainer in cities) and a few dusts and essences. These are the building blocks for most of your enchanting, and they come from disenchanting (using the Disenchant ability in your Professions tab) green-quality or higher gear. This gear can come from drops, from questing, or from other professions (say, if you picked up Tailoring as your second profession, and crafted green-quality gear that you then disenchanted).

Once you've made your Runed Copper Rod, you'll be able to do other enchantments as well. You can either place these on gear (that you or others own), or place them on Enchanting Vellums (sold by Enchanting Goods Suppliers) to create portable, tradable enchantments (note: for low-level characters, this is probably more expensive than it is worth, as the vellums cost a few silver apiece if I recall).

When it comes to leveling your profession, the color of a pattern tells you the likelihood that you will improve your profession skill by crafting it. Orange means you are guaranteed to get a point (or more, if indicated by an arrow) for crafting a thing; yellow means you will probably get a point, but it isn't a certainty; green means you may get a point, but you may also go multiple crafts without one; and gray means you will not get a point. As you improve your skill in your profession, you will need to find new recipes -- either from your trainer or from patterns throughout the world -- to continue crafting higher-level things and further improving. Also make sure that you return to your trainer every 50 profession skill points or so, to see if you are high enough skill and level to raise your profession cap (otherwise you may be making things but not getting credit because you are already as high as you have trained to be able to go).

Hope this helps!
here is guide that helped me

Read it and use it to collect the mats, but understand that it is tough to level enchanting as low level(i am not discouraging you).
If you level up by questing....enchanting is cheap to train, just disenchant all the green quest reward loot. You will have to suplement a small amount from the AH, but not much.

If you power level enchanting as a level 90, then yes, its very expensive.
Also of note, the materials needed to enchant the rod are also sold by the enchanting goods vendors (likely the same guy you bought the rod from).

You can also skill up to 50 just by disenchanting things (i.e. using no materials at all).

Have fun!

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