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It seems 5.2 changes to disc priest is toning down prayer healing, and make us use more penance and PW: Shield. I have an idea in mind to change the whole healing purpose of disc priest ( well a lil ) Why don't we make prayer healing into a new skill. Like wut they did to warlock's shadowbolt. Make prayer healing into a mini cd, giving ur next PW: shield, shields a whole party. and a new passive for penance, all obsorbs effects u creates will have X chance to reset penance and make it hit 2 additional targets. This will certainly make priests use more obsorbs skills instead just aoe healing. And the penance passive will make disc not to lose their aoe heals, but also make disc use mor of their main skill, penance. Since i started playing priest. I thought we always lacking an aoe healing skill, like holy's Divine Hymn. So i think a mini cd, like making ur next PW: Shield, shields a whole party wud be nice. Just throwing it out there, how u guys like it?

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