[H] Late night 10 man HM T/TH/SUN 11p-2a

Area 52
As another patch comes to a close it's time to build another core raid group for 5.2. <Unpossible>, Lvl 25 is opening recruitment for it's 3rd Heroic 10 man team. Raiding is

T/TH/SUN @ 11pm-2am. This time is different than the other teams to accommodate a diff raiding schedule.

First thing! We play to have fun and progression is fun so we play to progress. This is the mentality we want to continue to bring to the team. This is not a "We encourage all exceptional raiders" situation. We are looking to give raid spots to the best after a trial period. We will also like to find a few casual raiders who might be available for the occasional raider absence or comp adjustments.

Application process is done by talking on vent/skype/mumble etc. as well as possibly running LFR together for a quick analysis of raiding performance. We prefer to see logs, Achvs, Armory, and the typical analysis...but at the end of the day, skills of raid awareness and adaptability will be what sets anyone apart.

Raid Times: Tues/Thurs/Sun 11pm-2:am server time. (8pm-11pm PST, 11pm-2am EST)

Current Recruitment Needs:


*1 Blood Dk or Brewmaster or paladin.


*1 Resto druid.


*Full...Need backups. Raiders who are ok to sit until raid comp adjustments are needed or Core Raider absence.


*Full...Need backups. Raiders who are ok to sit until raid comp adjustments are needed or Core Raider absence.

   *Extensive knowledge of your class.
   *Willingness to learn and learn quickly.
   *Must have proper raid awareness.
   *Must be able to handle constructive criticism.
   *Basic knowledge of fights/mechanics (from videos, LFR or practice on the PTR if possible).
   *Prepared for raids (food/flasks/pots/enchants ready at raid entrance 5 min before raid time).
   *Near 100% raid attendance required to keep our progression going.
   *Age 18+.

Loot System: Master looter MS>OS>D/E. Held by a loot council of leaders within the raid group.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining please contact me.

Aftérlifé Real ID Info:
-Rizzenz@yahoo.com: ID Name is Josh


Aceydubs Real ID info:
Normanadams100@gmail.com: ID Name is Matthew

still looking
updated what we are currently looking for...

Resto Druid and a tank.
Healer and tank
Referrals please. Considering paying for server xfers.
Need a tank and healer
Still looking.
Moar raiders!!!
Natalyn I need you
Prowlin round
Fillin up
Tank and healer
Lookin round
Dan akroyd
Eddie Murphy
A tank and a grip of dps in our guild are server xfering there for late night raiding. Maybe we'll run a pug together some time.
I am looking to transfer. You have any melee spots open on your raid team? Battletag: Thestensten#1848

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