(H) Supremácy Latenight raid guild recruiting

Emerald Dream
Supremácy is recruiting for core raid slots!

2:00am - 4:30am server time Monday mornings to Friday mornings.

Currently Progression - 4 Bosses MSV

We started raiding last week and ALMOST have our core player base down. We need the last few members for a solid core group. We have slots in guild for casuals as well.

Loot Rules : Modified Bucketlist (We have a master list everyone new who raids with us is added too. You work you way up the list as loot is passed out)

For more info message - Vudulicious, Thrøx or Failheals
God I wish I had raid times like that. Good luck.
01/29/2013 04:23 PMPosted by Banicus
God I wish I had raid times like that. Good luck.

I think atm we are the only guild on the server with raid times starting after 11pm
a couple of times, Vudu was right there with you though :)
le bump

3 down in MSV 2nd week of raiding.
4 bosses down MSV! Onto HoF!
What exactly are you recruiting?
anything atm. we have a strong core group of rotation players right now but we take anything and everything
4/6 MSV, 1/6 HoF - Going for 6/6 MSV 2/6 HoF before thunderking drops

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