Pet bug in armory?

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From a post in the Battle Pets forums, several collections were noticed to be very odd. Several people were found to have Gurky and Lurky (EU pets), the Silver Pig (CN pet), Terky (KR pet), and the Qiraji Guardling pet (not available until summer) in their collections - which isn't possible.

These pets are available to pre-made characters on the PTR. However, it's confusing as to how these pets are showing up in Live armories (unless there's something nasty going on from the users' ends).

This wouldn't be an issue, but Wowprogress uses the armory for pet rankings and those rankings are taking seriously by some.

Example armory (goes here, will be edited in and out).
I've noticed this also. In the pet battle forums there is a thread discussing this. We have found at least 4 accounts with these anomalies.

The other symptoms these accounts share:

•Large numbers (hundreds!) of level 25 poor quality pets
•Lots of duplicates of rare tradeable pets at level 25
•pet battle achievements are all out of whack. (for example, 47 total wins, no tamer achievements)

Hopefully this is just some kind of Armory glitch.
Update: this is a PTR/armory bug. From the thread in the Pet Battles forum, Tust from Moonrunner was able to replicate the bug.

I've figured this out. It's just an armory bug. Armory is showing your ptr pets if that's the last place you logged out. For instance, the Ryukhan guy mentioned earlier in this thread now has a perfectly normal pet armory because he has since logged into live.

I was even able to replicate it with my own account by logging into test last, and was able to get my listed pets change on armory. (if you check me it may no longer be there as I may have logged back into live).

I'm unsure if it's an account based bug or some ghost link from toons copied over. But no one is copying pets off the test server.

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