JC: Mid-level rare gem recipies?

I'm leveling Jewelcrafting, currently in the cobalt phase (350-400). I had so many superior and even epic quality BC era gems and now I'm finding tons of WotLK era blue gems.

Where can I find recipes to make some use of these things? Even if just to level my profession. Does it involve endless rep grinding? Or are they just obsolete now?
For LK rare and epic recipes, you have to do the quests in Dalaran- the JC dailies.

You get 1 token per day, roughly, and the recipes are 2-5 tokens each.

Same system as Cata, except Cata uses dailies in SW/Org.

I did 3 days, got one recipe (Delicate Red), and cut 40 of them that I picked up cheap. Got me to 525 and Cata uncommons.
Blue cuts for BC gems are all world drops or locked behind reputation grinds.

ALL epic BC gem cuts are locked behind reputation grinds. I want to say Scale of the Sands.
They aren't obsolete! They sell very well on the AH to level 70 twinks.
For WotLK blue gems I got my recipes from Wintergrasp for 19 honor each.

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