[H]Pathogen 10/16H 10M Jubei'thos Recruiting

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Pathogen is a 10man Horde raiding guild on Jubei'thos

Pathogen Formed as a raiding guild in anticipation for Mist of Pandaria, our views as a guild is to progress at a realm steady pace, clearing content pre-nerf without having to raid a excess of raid days.

Under these views we started with only 2 Solid Raids days, with the understanding with the age of WoW the people that play it has grown and people now have many things to do in their day to day life, however we always had plans to raid up to 4 days if needed and we have now officially changed to a 3-4 day raid schedule as the shear amount of content in Mists Demanded it.

We believe that we can effectively raid on a lower time schedule, above all our view is to enjoy the game. Life comes first, but there is time for WoW, and even if you have little time for it you can still be exceptional.

Wednesday[7:00PM - 11:00PM]
Thursday[7:00PM - 11:00PM]
Sunday[8:30PM - 11:00PM]{This day may be added during progression as a Additional night}
Monday[7:00PM - 11:00PM]
*On progression nights we may raid a additional 60-90 minutes later.

1 Holy Paladin
1 Resto Shaman
1 Rogue
1 Mage

We are looking for another healer for our Core Healing Team, Either a Holy Paladin or a Restoration Shaman, this is a core role we wish to fill.

We are also looking for 2 dps join our roster, 1 Rogue and Mage

We currently do not have a guild website, so if you are interested either reply in this thread or Contact Hexzon, Freelovee or Batista in-game.
Bump, Still Looking for a strong Holy Paladin as well as other classes.

Hopefully 5/6 Heroic HoF this week, had a 30% wipe phase 3 Ambershaper so we close to a kill.
Come speak to us!

Grab all the Holy Paladin loot you could ever want.

Agility Leather? We give it to our mistweaver!

Spellpower Mail? I think our hunter has a full set now.

DPS Cloth? Well you can have some if you give us that lovely crit buff; I guess.
Bumping for new friends to come and play with me.
Could have both a rogue and h pally interested both have 7/16hm exp, both veteran players and currently on jubei I am the rogue bazingar is the paladin. Our guild has recently fallen apart and we both currently have looking for guild posts on oceanic forums if you want take a look for yourself otherwise I can talk when I am home battle tag is bkano05@hotmail.com
Yeah send you a friend request, both of your gear wise ain't to far behind the rest, as for progression, obviously a little behind but if you guys are fast learners that shouldn't be a problem, have a chat with me in game, when you can, but yeah i shouldn't have any issue bringing you in for a raid trial as long as you can make all our raid times
Had Bazingar in tonight, did well :)
We had a new holy paladin friend last night. No shinies dropped for him though.
I am now the only cloth Pure DPS left! Come share my shinies; bring the crit buff and be awesome.
You guys realise I'm kind of a big deal don't you? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet what some people have been calling "The sexiest accent; Oceanic". And that's just from the straight guys.

One girl we raided with gave birth when I called out a battle res.
We're still looking for a wizard.

WRU Crit buff.
Come watch me get PREMIUM ranks on every single fight, every single night!
There is still a mage spot available.

10/16 HM and we've played with both Lei Shi and Amber-Shaper on Hard Mode so far. This is your chance to join a guild progressing whilst enjoying themselves on a fairly restricted raid week.

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