Naxxramas question

Do you have to kill all the bosses to get to Sapph and then Kel? Or can you go right to Kel? And I am guessing 10m is trivial from, what I have read, at 90? Is it any sooner? I only got to do Naxx once or twice before taking about a year and a half off. And of course with the recent changes to make some things easier to solo, (addition of battlepets to bosses) I wasnt sure how tough NAXX was now.
You can go right to Sapph and KT now: you should be fine on both. Just click the orb on top of the platform above the entrance. Naxx 10 is pretty easy. Heigen is annoying though. You don't have to know any of the fights because they'll all die fairly quick. Gluth might get dicey but he drops the best pet from there (imo). Actually Patchwerk might call for some Flash Heal spam below 30%.

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Awesome! Thank you sir! (or Ma'am!) Just killed him. Took a few tries to do it. Mainly mana control and then realizing I shouldnt be fading on mindbender. Learned to ignore the skeles, keep shield up and just hit the wraiths and patchwerks with VT and SWP and otherwise ignore them as well. Then phase 3, ignore the bugs (since they had more hp at this point then KT did anyway)

got my halo =)
For patchwerk I would recommend using mindbender, fade and let pet eat spike damage especially when he enrages he hits pretty hard. I full clear naxx 10 eery week, only got 2 quarters plus Sapp in 25 solo

FYI don't use mindbender or shadow fiend on Kel, for some odd reason it counts as a player and mechanics that would have been ignore won't anymore.

Example Gorefiend in BT

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