Nerf to Change Of Command please

With 5.2 coming out in the next month probably 2 Can we please see a nerf to A change in command the legendary quest one of the last 2 in the 5.1 legendary chain. Realisticly its extremly hard to find people that are phased to that quest. Can we get it nerfed so that non phased players can see and help kill the boss. Another thing 130mil health seems rather extreme and requires most of the time a raid group of 5-10 players to kill him. i know thats realy hard for low pop servers servers that are over pop horde or alliance.
Ive just completed the Quest after 2 weeks im sure so MANY HOURS LFG auggg. Anyways I still stand by my point in saying that it needs to be nerfed You shouldnt need 1-2 tanks i didnt 2 heals not necessary or a group of 7 people that are phased and willing to sit for 10-30 min while u spam general or trade chat LFM. Boss fight is so simple Avoid WW and interupt call to arms that summons 4 adds with 4mil health each. My sugestions,
1. Nerf his health 130 mil a bit much for one quest.
2. Allow non phased 90 players to help out if necessary.
3. Im sure players are gona love this oen lol make KW CRZ or the dominance point alliance/horde main area where u do the quests CRZ.
i have to agree, make it tap to faction. idk about nerfing his health it wouldn't make it so legendary :(.

getting it done on own realm is near impossible unless have a guild to help out but with cross-realm it might make it a bit easier if can manage to find 8-10 people or more.
01/30/2013 09:37 PMPosted by Darthwraith
You shouldnt need 1-2 tanks i didnt 2 heals not necessary or a group of 7 people that are phased

You don't. I've done it with 4 people; 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 DPS.

It's 10 minutes of boredom, but at no point was it hard. You could probably 2 or 3 man it if you could stay awake. This might change if there were any Horde on our server though.

E: Changing it to tap-to-faction etc is a good idea though; nothing wrong with making it easier to find a group.
4 days one of my posts has stayed up this long woot.

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