[H] <True Gentlemen> seeks Hybrid for Heroics

Hello, we're currently in search of a hybrid who is comfortable healing when needed. That being said, we're full on paladins, but are interested in any other hybrid possibility. We are also looking for a strong ranged damage class, we're quite inundated with hunters as is, and would love a strong warrior to fill our ranks.
*Elemental Shaman
*Enhancement Shaman
*Balance Druid
*Feral Druid
*Shadow Priest
*Windwalker Monk
[note: all aforementioned classes would be asked to heal on certain encounters*.]

EDIT 26.February

Currently, we're 6/6 Heroic Mogushan Vaults and have cleared Heart of Fear and Terrace on normal and are looking for a damage class to come tackle heroic progression. As we are looking for someone heroic progression-ready, we'd ask that anyone interested be at least above 480 item level*.
We are also horde-first, and only horde, full gold challenge mode clear.
Our current raiding schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and we raid from 7:oo pm server time until 11:oo pm. Vent is necessary for our raiding environment.

If you've any questions, please feel free to contact either Damerae, Mushu, Splack or myself in-game. Thank-you.
Still searching for a hybrid class with off-spec heals and just another ranged-damage class.
Come friends, be fruitful.
Hi Gaibe :]
Hey, Butterbutt.

Always open for some competent dps to swing our way--a rogue would be much obliged. ;]
[Full on hunters, paladins*, but exceptions can always be made]

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