<Tempest> 10m Recruiting

<Tempest> is a semi-hardcore 10m raiding guild. We are currently looking for a few specific roles, however all apps will be considered. We are recruiting core and sub members for our main raid group.

We are looking for 480+ ilv. We use mumble, as more guilds are using it today that shouldn't be a problem, most people we see have it these days. When doing trial runs we usually master loot but allow everyone to roll, even the trials, when not doing trial runs we just use group loot. Everyone trial, sub, and even core raiders need to have have proper raid awareness, as well as be prepared for raids, we ask that everyone have flasks and potions with them at all times when raiding, feasts are helpful, however have some of your own food with you. Its not required but from time to time we run challenge modes, currently farming up silvers but also looking to push gold soon.

-MSV 6/6H 6/6N
-HoF 1/6H 6/6N
-ToES 4/4N +N Elite Protectors

Raid times:
Tues, Thur, Mon - 6-10pm (Server)

Currently recruiting:
1 Tank
1 Healer
(Remember all apps will be considered)

To apply:
Please fill out an app at: http://tempest.thedoxmedia.com/

Any questions pst Thejaydots / Thedox (alt) / Jaydox (alt) in game.
still recruiting!
bump for recruitment
Looking for any DPS, melee and range
DPS recruits go!
Mostly looking for dps, other roles will be considers.
Still looking for dps, melee and range
LF DPS and Healers
Still recruting
Heroic Ta'yak down!
Would like to have a solid core group for when 5.2 hits, recruitment still open.
Update: Looking for a good mage and/or good shadow priest for 5.2 progresion raiding.

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