[A] 496 Hunter LF guild 4/16H 16/16N

prefer 7pm- 12 m-thr can do earlier Fri-Sun, 3 days a week is preferable i can do 4 as long as its not too many hours a week total 12ish is what im looking for.

im ok with 25m as long i wont be spending excessive amounts of time bench warming im not interested in being your raids cheerleader.

10m is ok but any guild thats interested should have some H progression already.
so how was your day?
it was wonderful, and yours?
i come with all my shots
Returnzero, Natural Order on Stormrage is interested in recruiting another hunter, contact me on battletag (Wat#1375) our information is bellow
Quick Facts:
- We are on Stormrage (PVE), Alliance side.
- Our time zone is eastern.
- Tuesday 7:30 to 11:30
- Wednesday 7:30 to 11:30
- Sunday 7:30 to 11:30
- Modified Loot Council
- No ilvl or attendance requirements, but we bring the comps that ensure progression and cycle in those who are flexible.

After reaching 4/6 HMSV25 we decided to temporarily reduce the size of our raid to 10 man to foster stronger raiding progression for the rest of the tier. Now that it has been a few months and we have had a solid showing in the ten man bracket; achieving 6/6h 3/6h and 1/4H in a short period of time we have returned to 25 mans. For the upcoming Throne of Thunder raid we are bolstering our roster for a stronger return to 25m heroic progression.

The type of players we are currently looking for are skilled progression raiders with a history of heroic raiding, If you are a exceptional player, even without a history feel free to apply because we are considering all applicants.

To apply, visit http://www.naturalorderguild.com/recruitment

If you have any questions, PM the following officers in-game: Akraen, Watario (Battletag Wat#1375) , Garfal, Combipup, or really any of our members!
We are a guild that has been around since Nax was current content in WotLK. We have had a lot of players, stop playing the game or take extended breaks.

We are looking to rebuild for 5.2 and get our top 20 status back

We are looking for the following.


Priest, Druid or Monk Heals (DPS O/S)


DK, Lock, Hunter, Rogue, Monk


DK, Paly, Monk (DPS O/S)

We would prefer someone who is the same progression as us or close to and item level 480+ looking for players who are willing to work on progression, and get into HM, we just need a few geared knowledgeable with good raid awareness.

We raid Tues, Wed, Sun from 915pm-12:00am est.

If you are interested please /who unconquered and look for myself, Bloody or Bheliom for more information

We provide, flasks, feasts, and repairs once you earn your core spot.
who let the dogs out
Rage is a semi-hardcore 25m guild on Stormrage, a PVE EST server in a Chicago Datacenter. Most of our members are students or young professionals; we have few if any minors and intend to keep it that way.

The guild raided heroic modes on Baelgun during Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm (highest rank achieved was US 69) with a 12 hour raid schedule. After a short break (the GM left the game to get married, purchase a house, etc) we moved to Stormrage shortly before the start of Mists of Pandaria. Currently we are raiding 9 hours a week and vigorously shaping our roster for the next tier in which our goal will be to pursue heroic mode progression as we have done in the past.

If you are a skilled and friendly player looking for progression on a minimal raid schedule Rage could be a great fit.

Raid Information:
Days: Mond, Tue, Wed
Times: 9:30 PM till 12:30 AM EST

We are always willing to consider exceptional players of all classes, however we are actively seeking the following:

- Prot Warrior
- Rogue
- Frost DK
- Warlock
- Holy Paladin
- Shadow Priest
- Hunter
- Mage
- Resto Druid
- Mistweaver Monk

In addition to the openings above, we are always open to ANY exceptional player that is willing to compete for a CORE spot.

Current Mists of Pandaria Progression:
- Mogu'shan Vaults Normal 6/6 (4/6 Heroic)
- Heart of Fear 6/6 (2/6 Heroic)
- Terrace Of Endless Spring 4/4

History of Guild Milestones include:
US 92 H: Beth'tilac (25) - July 28
US 73 H: Lord Rhyolith (25) - July 14
US 64 H: Shannox (25) - July 6
US 159 H: Sinestra (25) - June 21
US 157 H: Cho'gall (25) - May 29
US 165 H: Nefarian (25) - May 6
Level 25 – April 6
US 162 H: Valion and Theralion (25) – March 31
US 171 H: Omnotron Defense System (25) – March 25
US 209 H: Magmaw (25) – March 16

We require our members and applicants to all have:
1) A solid connection and an excellent computer
2) Good attendance
3) Working microphone and mumble installed
4) A parse from World of Logs or WoWMeter
5) A winning attitude

Loot Distribution
We award loot via loot council that takes into consideration attendance, performance, Best In Slot items, items currently worn, and last item received. Loot information can be found here: http://rageraiding.com/?page_id=8

Contact Us
If this sounds like what you’re looking for in a guild, you've got several means to reach us.

Website: http://rageraiding.com

In-Game: Ripten (GM), Eekthecat (Officer), Merit (Officer), Xeddy (Officer).

Xeddy Real ID: Triph#1140

If you are interested in applying online, the application is here: http://www.rageraiding.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=11

We hope to hear from you soon and wish you luck in your guild search.
Hey, not sure if you are still looking, but The Eleventh Plague is a new transfer guild to Stormrage and we're looking for 2 DPS to fill out our core 10 man group. We were 16/16, 4/6H last tier, and we've downed the first boss in the new raid so far. We raid Tue/Wed 8:30-12:30 server time. Let me know if you'd like to talk further! Thanks

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