[H] LF1-2M for 10M Core Group

Carbon Monoxide is a 10-man Horde PvE progression raiding guild, created shortly after the release of the MoP expansion. We have recently moved to Zul'Jin from a no population server.

What we currently are in need of for our 10M core group. 1 - 2 spots. Depending on who apps.

Dps. Crit Buff would be GREAT!!! but dedicated raiders will work also with ilvl 485+
Tank. Druid or Warrior.
Healer. Druids or anyone interested.

** All new members are welcomed also for back up raid spots, heroics, challenge modes, dailies, etc.

Contact Coronoextra, Lazattack, Udeader, Pandemic, or myself with any questions

Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6
Heart of Fear - 2/6
Terrace of Endless Spring - 3/4

Raid Schedule (Eastern US Time Zone)
Tuesday 7:15 - 11:00
Thursday 7:15- 11:00

What we are looking for
- Progression-oriented.
- Experience and skill. You have good knowledge of your class and research your own class/spec in order to perform at the highest level possible, even on your worst of days.
- Gear. You have all your gear enchanted, gemmed, and reforged optimally.
- Punctuality. You show up on raid days 10-15 minutes early to do your preparation so we can start on time and finish on time.
- Communication. You are able to speak up loud and clear when the time calls for it.
- Consistency. You have a solid enough schedule that you can show up to all the raids and also a good enough connection that you can stay online for the full duration.
- Drive and dedication. You have the will to put in that extra attempt following an extremely close wipe.
- Positive attitude. You are not easily demoralized and can handle long hours of progression and countless wipes. You also step up to your own mistakes (remember, logs do not lie).

What we provide
- Flasks. 2-4 flasks are provided nightly
- Potions
- Feast
- Guild repairs during raids
UPDATED For Progression and our Mage just left.


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