Best leveling spec

Death Knight
Leveling my dk and i dont know what the best spec is to level as!
Any will do.

I'd personally level as Frost until you get to MoP, then level as Blood in DPS gear. But, you can level however you feel. Just grab the glyph of Dark Succor.
Any, just spam blood boil and death siphon up until like 80 because the scaling is wonky
I find unholy works well, especially if some !@#$ tries to gank you, the ghoul stun helps, plus if you spec for the 5 second stun you can really put a hurt on people.
Frost with Dark Succor
Blood, without a doubt.

Round up 10 mobs, AoE them down, move on with full health. Nothing comes close to the speed and survivability.
01/31/2013 01:18 AMPosted by Vadyn
Frost with Dark Succor

This. Not sure how hard it is to find matching 1handed weapons while leveling but I'd go 2handed (my preference) so you can offspecc Blood for harder quests.
I went as blood all the way. get Roiling Blood and just keep collecting mobs and spreading diseases... Death Strike to convert runes to death runes for more boil blood.

Also can insta queue for dungeons.

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