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Are their any US realms that have a good amount of world pvp and is decently balanced between factions?? I'm curious??
Emerald Dream.
Unfortunately my server is unbalanced in favor of alliance. There just are not enough Horde here to wpvp with on a regular basis. allthough there is this Multiboxing tuaran dk that plays "king of the Hill" at various quest hubs regularly....God how I love to see him wrecking house somewhere. I am still trying to figure out a way to take down all four of them by myself....and I will eventually figure out a way...or die trying.
01/29/2013 05:58 PMPosted by Raensong
Emerald Dream.

Is emerald dream like serious rp or not really rp at all cause i dont really like rp servers?
Bleeding Hollow Check out their FAQ on the forums.
01/29/2013 07:12 PMPosted by Karvé
Bleeding Hollow Check out their FAQ on the forums.

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Yeah Bleeding Hollow is the best for World PvP. .95 alliance per 1 horde is what I last remember it at. Emerald Dream WPvP isn't as amazing as it used to be.
Emerald is serious role play. Show respect and even if you are not into it you will not be judged harshly.

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