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.. Displayed prominently in all places where good men might gather.

Loyal subjects of Lordaeron, gallant knights and stalwart champions, and our most virtuous of Lightsworn comrades in arms: we now see the hour of reclamation approaching. I have therefore elected to call upon you here to make it clear that we must stand together with firmer tenacity than ever. Lordaeron's Own have always fought with glory against the enemies of the Light. Now, the emancipation of our Mother and of the kingdom known the world over, which the vile and perfidious Forsaken have claimed for a decade, is committed to your valorous souls.

Be not afraid because the enemy is legion and we are but few. For your strength lies in the protection of the Light and now must it be revealed with righteous fury and drawn steel. I know that this godless horde will, as is their custom, rush upon you with loud cries to their Dark Lady and weapons of dishonorable warfare. These will deliver unto you no bodily harm, for I see that you are all well clad in armor without peer. The Light now protects you, each and every one. They will fight us for every foot that we claim, and so too shall our breastplates and shields deny them their victory. Do not imitate the accursed Tirion Fordring who, when the Forsaken called upon him, went with bowed head and broken spirit into their hold. Our cavalry shall terrify these light-damned heathens, as our valor shall see them one and all scattered to the winds.

In this campaign you must always move forward and have no fear, no thought of defeat, but be inspired to reclaim our homeland with ever more Lotharian ardor. Beasts may flee from beasts. But you are champions, men and women of stout hearts and pure souls, and you will avenge all those that have been made to suffer at the hands of these fiends. Strike with your sword; thrust with your spear, do unto them what they have done unto the innocent so that they see they are not fighting their peers, but those that have been imbued with a power far greater than theirs by the Light.

You are aware that this impious and deceitful enemy has disturbed the peace unjustly. It has violated every virtue of the Light; they have slaughtered our innocent women and children; they have desecrated our homeland; they have proven untrustworthy time and again. Remember Wrathgate. Remember Andorhal. Remember Grand Marshal Garithos and the men that fought beneath him. By the Light, do not see these vicious creatures as what they once were, but what they are: monsters, beasts, and villains.

Now, these soulless aberrations threaten to eradicate Gilneas and Strom, the lands that we have known as brother and father since our birth, the places in which those born of our own blood have been forced to endure the presence of an enemy we did not defeat those ten years ago. Oh champions, everlasting gallants of Lordaeron, now has the time come to raise arms and do war.

You men of Lordaeron, men of piety and glory, for your infinite victories shall our beloved Lordaeron be returned to us. Our Lady, held for so long within the hands of the vile, shall be freed only once you show your prowess and your aggressive spirit against the many horrors that torment her.

You men of Lordaeron, most valiant heroes, whose swords have many a time made Forsaken and Scourge tremble at the sight of your skill, who have called upon the Light and become its executor in matters of justice, must now lift high your spirits and prepare for a struggle unlike any which we have before endured.

You, my honored champions, obey your good queen's commands and know that in her infinite knowledge that this day your glory is at hand. Join now with your brothers and sisters and shed blood knowing that for every drop of ichor spilled, that you will win yourselves crowns of martyrdom and a place eternal within the Holy Flame.

Light Save Lordaeron.
[OOC]: http://lordaeron.guildlaunch.com

The Blood of Lordaeron is primarily a roleplaying guild centered around the reclamation of Lordaeron. At present it is led by Madelynne Albrecht, styled Queen Madelynne I after declaring herself the only person worthy of sitting the throne of Lordaeron.

Most guild events will be handled with /roll mechanics and set up to further the guild’s storyline which began with The Crimson Redemption and continued into The Brotherhood of the Flame. The Blood of Lordaeron is not a Scarlet RP guild.

It is not our intention nor our purpose to play a villainous role. Whether or not a person takes issue with the guild and decides to attack them is up to them. The Blood of Lordaeron is not a corrupt organization, nor does it have any interest in being portrayed as one from an OOC standpoint. We consider it bad form to blatantly discard the roleplay of others but will do so without hesitation should such RP be discovered to have been born from an OOC bias.

Although we will participate in RP-PVP events, this guild storyline is not wholly driven by that particular facet of roleplay. Despite this, many of our members choose to engage regularly in battlegrounds and arenas, and the Blood of Lordaeron as a whole has made decisive showings at many of the server's largest world-PvP events.

Permissible Races/Classes
At present, any and all races that fought under the banner of the Alliance of Lordaeron are permitted to join the Blood of Lordaeron. Death Knights are now also permitted allowing that they place their duties to the queen above their duties to the Ebon Blade.

There are several military organizations that have also been formed in order to properly categorize the various groups currently composing the Army of Lordaeron. They consist of the following. It should be noted that the OOC distinctions between these groups is somewhat arbitrary, and membership in one particular unit does not prevent a character from interacting or socializing with members of another, and one need not join a particular force to join the guild. Their intention is to add depth to roleplay, not to limit it.


1] Queen's Men: An overall term for the Blood of Lordaeron's military forces, it more specifically refers to humans, dwarves, gnomes and high elves that fight under the Queen's banner.
(Contact JEREMAES for recruitment. OPEN.)

2] Queen's Gilnean Legion: A group composed of human and worgen expatriates of Gilneas, the QGL is still loyal to Gilneas; however, they assist the Queen's Men in their attempt to overthrow the Forsaken so that both Gilneas and Lordaeron might be freed. In exchange for their services they are given martial training, armor, and weaponry.
(Contact: VELGIM for recruitment. OPEN.)

3] Forlorn Hope: Composed entirely of Death Knights, these shocktroopers are the front line and perhaps best line for attacking a well entrenched position. Known as "Forlorn Hope," they represent those that seek to redeem themselves by turning their inner hatred against an enemy that has for long plagued Lordaeron.
(Contact: NIKEPHOROS for recruitment. OPEN.)

4] Silver Hand: Paladins that are sworn to protect the ideals and virtues of Lordaeron and the Light, the Silver Hand are charged not only with upholding peace but also seeing that justice is done. Because it is believed that Tirion Fordring lacked the authority to assume control of the Silver Hand, as it was illegal for Prince Arthas to disband it, this is seen as the official branch of Lordaeron's Silver Hand. When an oath is broken, it is often a member of the Silver Hand that is expected to see the matter resolved. Many members will begin as squires, though full-fledged paladins may swear themselves to the order.
(CLOSED for the moment.)

Warlocks that are openly demonic will be excluded, as will those characters of a particularly vile disposition, though there is no accounting for those that “slip through the system”.

If you are interested in joining the guild or making an alliance with it, please contact Madelynne, Simurg/Asuryån, Velenor/Aldaim or Jeremaes. Any questions or concerns may also be addressed to these people.
In the interests of promoting communication and clarity, I am also reposting an old Guild-concept FAQ that was written by Madelynne.


#1: I Didn't Vote for You. What Makes You Queen?

This really gets to the heart of a lot of issues, but it's several questions rolled into one. WHY play as the queen, WHY should others accept it, HOW do you claim to be the queen, and WHAT is the purpose of all of this?

So our first question is broken down into 4 smaller ones.

A) Why Play the Queen? Because power is an attractive thing and in a time of turmoil, those seeking it are given their chance to rise. History has been filled with those seeking to fill the vacuum, and it seems odd that this should be an exception. With the Blood of Lordaeron's story, the move was meant to bring stability to a region locked in sectarian conflict. Of course, more fighting results because of this, but the thought is that once it is all over there will be one voice, one hand, and one body that represents the whole of Lordaeron. It just so happens that Madelynne Albrecht felt she had the best voice, hand, and body for the job.

B) Why Should Others Accept It? Well, they should and they shouldn't. Not much help, but that's what it comes down to. Looking at it from an IC stance, if your character is tired of dealing with the lack of leadership that has left Lordaeron at the hands of warring factions, then s/he might see a single person shouldering the burden of leading a desolated kingdom as a good thing.

Of course, s/he could also see it as an attempt from an ambitious and unworthy person taking advantage of the throne's vacancy. But the issue therein is that the throne has been empty for so long and no one has made a move to fill it, that in itself not acting becomes an admission of defeat.

Out of character, the claim really shouldn't be contested because it's much less forceful than others. I'll make the second question more about that.

C) How Do You Claim to be Queen?
The same way you claim to be anything - you say it and see what happens. You have to realize that so long as there isn't an actual person in Lordaeron's throne, then ANYONE can make a grab for it. Now, even if Madelynne did not have Menethil blood in her it would still be pretty easy to say "hey, this is mine and you can't have it." When someone else does it, that's how wars are started.

William the Conqueror swooped in on England from Normandy. He just happened to have a better army than Harold Godwinson.

D) What Is the Purpose of All This?
To present a new dynamic to a stale concept. It's well and good to say Scarlet vs Argent, or Loyalist vs "Lordaeron is Dead"ist, but never before have we dealt with a story where a private citizen decided to say "I am Lordaeron". Not only is it a natural move in terms of story, but it also gives people something to react to. The degree in which they do is up to them, just as their decision to do it or not is totally up to them.

#2: You Can't Just Claim to be Queen!
Not really a question, but it sums it up. The thing is, claiming to be queen is a lot less forced than almost anything else people can roleplay.

In "lore", Madelynne has claimed to be queen. That is "canon". Not that she is officially the queen, but that she has made her claim to the title. Yes, claimants refer to themselves as the title they seek. Yes, it can be done without owning the throne.

But why do I say it's less forced? Because a claim is just that, an IC matter. Here are examples of OOC matters:

1) My character is a lord.
2) My character is a clergyman.
3) My character is a commander.

You see, these aren't claims. You are stating that these things are true. King Varian gave your character's family land. The archbishop sponsored your clergyman. General Marcus Jonathan promoted your soldier. These all require a lore character's inclusion.

Anyone can say they are something. But it certainly doesn't mean that Terenas put the crown on their head.
#3: You're Forgetting Calia Menethil Aren't You?
Well, I am not forgetting her, but the story certainly has. Now, if your character wants to say IC: "Yes! Only Calia for queen!" Then that is their right, but it isn't some lore secret that Arthas had a sister. What is a secret is where she is and why after 10 years she hasn't shown up.

There are plenty of theories as to where she is, but none of them actually support not doing our roleplay:
- She decided to hide as a member of SI:7 and never say who she was.
- She is in a Forsaken torture room somewhere.
- She's dead.
- She hit her head running away and has become a perpetual child, now a lowly knight that always loved her but knew it wasn't his place to confess it guides her through a war torn land to keep her from the hands of those that would use her for their own gains.

Okay, I made the last one up.

The point is, she's a non-factor. Madelynne has [dismissed] her by plainly stating that if she is alive then she's left Lordaeron for 10 years without a word. That's unfathomable for a queen, so she has to be dead.

I'm not saying she's dead. That's just the way it's being handled IC.

#4: How Do you Claim a Throne you Don't Possess?
It's called being a pretender, which isn't really as bad as it sounds. A pretender is basically someone that is saying they have something they do not. History is filled with them. There's a wikipedia article on them. Feel free to look it up and you'll find that that's all there is to it.

#5: What Makes You Be Able to Say Your Character Has Menethil Blood?
Because that's what I chose to roleplay. A person can take roleplay whatever they want. A person can really do whatever they want. If you want to say that a marriage six generations prior is the same as being Terenas' daughter, then by all means! That is your right!

Just please, do not bring that silliness to us.

#6: Varian was a Good Friend of Arthas. Calia is Arthas' Sister. Why Wouldn't Varian Kill the Imposter?
I honestly don't know. I don't try to roleplay NPCs nor do I interact with them more than to use them as wall dressing. Our story is that Madelynne came into Stormwind and has been working on negotiations to move some of Westfall's homeless up to Lordaeron so that it can be restored. An ally against the Forsaken is an ally against the Forsaken, and Sylvanas has proven to be the cause for much anguish for King Varian.

Now, you are free to roleplay whatever you want. If you feel you know what Varian would do, then say that in your RP. But we've always been pretty hands off with NPCs except for one, who was in turn hands on with the queen. Overall, just do what you like.

#7: What Jurisidiction Does a Claimant have to Make Rulings in the Keep?
Well, you have to look at it from a political standpoint. All of Lordaeron's expatriates are piling up in Stormwind, and Stormwind is going to have to deal with some of them being less than honorable people. Now, because there is a difference in opinion between some as to whose law should be followed, it becomes a sticky situation when you have one magistrate of Stormwind saying "this is the law" and another from Lordaeron saying "no, this is."

I can only imagine that'd be a headache to deal with. Now, someone steps in and says "Hey, I'll take over handling these troublesome matters and won't break your laws while doing it." It'd be sort of like Pontius Pilate being allowed to wash his hands of the matter. This is a Lordaeronese affair - see to it as you will.

The court system is primarily for hearing petitions and what have you, but there may come times when a criminal case is brought forth. The stipulation has always been that they need to both be from Lordaeron, unless the plaintiff is the one that is bringing a person from Lordaeron up on "charges".

We use the KEEP because, well. Stormwind doesn't have that many areas to use. The garden makes it less officious and more a matter of people gathering.

#8: What Does Madelynne Even Do as Queen?
Yeah, the bench thing is all but a meme at this point. To explain it swiftly, I use it to idle and just say that Madelynne is praying because pious princess is the best princess. It's like someone else flying in the air.

But what is she doing? Well, in order to walk you have to crawl first. Madelynne has been making contacts and building support for what she believes will be a large enough event to strike fear into the hearts of the fearless. I don't want to give any plot spoilers, but if all goes well then it should be a pretty exciting event.

In addition, she adjudicates and arbitrates for her subjects as needed, as well as providing support and assistance to those that have sworn fealty to her. She does what a queen does. Just not from bed chambers or throne.
#9: What if Calia Menethil Returns?
It's a good question. Hell, in some ways it's a scary question.

Whatever credibility Madelynne has comes from her weak bloodline and the fact no one is there to oppose it. Calia represents both of those things. If Blizzard should decide to return her to the center of the stage, then it really comes down to how it's handled. No matter what, Madelynne's claim is weakened severely and she'll probably end up having to try her best to undermine Calia.

If Calia has been held captive by the Forsaken, then there's nothing Madelynne can do. No justification exists to stand between a queen and her kingdom after she's been freed from bondage. She'd have to close up shop and just say, "I was keeping the throne warm for you until you got back, heh." That is, at least, until she found a way to assassinate Snow White and return to claiming she's the only one worthy of the throne.

On the other hand, if Calia returns and her reason for being gone is something vapid like, "I was hiding in Theramore and didn't feel like telling anyone". Well, that will give her more wiggle room. If Calia could so flippantly abandon her duty as a monarch once, what says she will not do it again? The story would likely turn to gearing up for a civil war.

Likely, a civil war that Madelynne would not live through. But that's what happens when you deal with NPCs. You have to wait and see.

#10: What Happens If Someone Else Makes a Claim for the Throne?
These kind of things have a way of working themselves out. The first is to see if the two causes can be joined together. Usually, this is through a prospective marriage. But let's say the two sides don't get along or just don't fit together that way. Then it's a matter of whose army is bigger and whose army is better.

In terms of roleplay, it'd be a pretty hostile situation. I'm not certain how it could be worked out without discussing the intentions and goals of the other party OOC, but there'd be standing animosity regardless.
On the fifth day he looked toward the east, the sun was rising and in the distance he heard the faint echo of Lord Andry. "Chee." His heart was emboldened but alas, it was not enough. It would take the might of Andry himself to fend off this onslaught.. but the Lord was nay to be seen.
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Do Gnomes and Dwarves fall under the Queen's Men now since the Stout Regiment has once again disappeared into the annals if inactivity?
01/28/2013 04:14 PMPosted by Beauregard
Do Gnomes and Dwarves fall under the Queen's Men now since the Stout Regiment has once again disappeared into the annals if inactivity?

01/28/2013 04:59 PMPosted by Rennali
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Hot Booties.

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