Logical Explanation 4/16H 3 days/9 hr week

Hi there. We are a group of people who have been around each other for about 4 years, and some even 7 years on this game. Our goal as a raid group is to do the best we can while having fun.

If you are wanting to raid with our guild, please take note that we are not interested in doing 'catch-up runs' via normal MSV, as we are progressing in heroic modes in there, so please have the proper attire to be raiding in normal Heart of Fear and Terrace and Heroic MSV. An item level of 485 or higher should suffice. Some cases of lower item level will be accepted depending on what role they are filling.

You should also have similar raiding experience to ours so that way you know what's being thrown at you. We don't expect things to go perfect, but doing your best on your trial run is expected. We do our trial runs in Heart of Fear on Tuesdays in-case that's what you're wondering. From there, we will determine if you are a good fit with our raid. We want people who are good at what they do, they know how to have fun, understand the logistics of everything that happens, learn from their mistakes and do the best they can under any circumstance. We want like-minded individuals to bolster our raid roster.

Our raiding environment is rather unique. We always have fun every raid, including during attempts on progression bosses, regardless of us hitting a brick wall on progression. Having fun is job one. But raiding is also something we all love to do, and that's important that our quality of raiding doesn't get ruined by our quality of fun.

Raid Days and Times:
Monday 10pm-1am EST
Tuesday 10pm-1am EST
Wednesday 10pm-1am EST

We do a loot council so that nobody is jipped out of an upgrade more than another and so on.

Here's our grocery list in terms of what we need for raiding:
Shadow Priest with offspec Discipline for 3 heal fights
Hunter that is proficient in both BM and survival
Any Exceptional DPS that feels they would stand out in a positive manner.

Having any World of Logs links would be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in joining, contact us by any of the ways listed below.

How to get a hold of us:
Guild Website to apply for an interview - legaming.guildlaunch.com
My Battle Tag - magnetslol#1251
Whisper myself, Deathstrikin in-game or send me an in-game mail about interview things.

Thanks for stopping by and happy hunting!
mah face was eaten by one of the sha! halp meh. make it stahp!
Bump. Come on guys! Just need some more peeps and we can start blowing up heroic modes!
bump! hit up us on the website or in-game, any character will be able to help you out!
to the top once more!
i wish. i wish. i was a fish.
post is updated. we're 16/16 normal now and currently looking to round off our roster with an arcane mage or a surv/BM hunter with a crit pet. to the top of the page again!
Dto needs a crit buff. Hit me up if I'm online, and we can chat.
486 Hunter here hit me up when you're on

need a spriest with a disc offspec for 3 heal fights and an arcane mage still!

need one of those for heroic msv on monday as well.

hit me up if interested.
still lookin for a disc priest w/ shadow offspec. hit us up!

great atmosphere and snacks.....maybe snacks.....unless i eat them all
New raid soon! YEAAAAAA

Bump still need a disc priest/shadow offspec and other classes of talented players!
so this bus driver hit on me today.....

i mean

still looking for dat priest!
2/16H tonight! still looking for a spriest that can disc offspec for 3 heal fights!
5.2 is coming soon! Going to clear a good chunk of heroic modes before 5.2!

Whisper anybody in guild, if you are interested in joining. You'll have a blast raiding with us and also get some great progression out of it.
so there's this girl i sit next to in abnormal psych...

she wants the D badly.
4/16H now!

still need a disc priest who can shadow offspec for 5.2!

also looking into bringing in a hunter that's proficient in BM and survival and possibly a boomkin

great environment with great people! come see me in game or add me on battle net if interested!
hi there again. looking for a BM/surv hunter now.

killed 1/12 5.2 content last night. hoping to do more tonight!

hit me up if interested.

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