[A] 12/16N Hunter Looking for Guild

I been playing this class for about 6+ years now, and has always been my main. My current group split after HOF do to real life/etc.

A standared generic app:

Character name: Saicam
Spec: BM main spec SV os

Availability: Central time zone 8:00pm(6pm sever) 7 days a week
Not opposed to a faction change.

Past and Present Raid Experience:
1.0 Raid experience - Cleared: AQ 20/40, ZG, MC, Ony
BC - Cleared: Kara, Mag, Gruul, SSC, TK, ZA, BT,
Not Cleared: SWP, downed Kalecgos, Brutallus, Felmyst, Twins, few attempts on Muru
LK - Cleared: Nax, Maly, Sarth 3d, Ulduar, ToC10/25 normal, ICC 10/25normal, RS 10/25
Not Cleared: HToC: 4/5 10/25, HICC 11/12, no attempts on heroic Halion
Cata - All normal content cleared 27/27 and BH 20/27 Heroic
MoP - 12/16N have not cleared Terrace yet beyond LFR

I am looking for a guild thats some what casual that raids about 3 nights a week.
Benevolent is done for? Ouch, sorry to hear that mate. Come to Horde side, plenty of good raid groups over here.
Yeah, sad to say, Bene is no longer raiding at the moment, and I am not opposed to a faction change.
I'll bump for Culture Shock. :) Because Provisional Sin needs more members before we can fit another hunter into our rosters, but you're still welcome to contact me if you're ok with that (Rezy#1582). Good luck finding a new home.
We could use another ranged dps. We raid Tues/Thurs/Sunday from 9pm to midnight (server time). Current progression is 6/6 MV, 3/6 HoF. We've got a post (just bumped to front page) with some more info.

Feel free to contact me. My tag is Grum#1601
If anyone from Benev is looking to stay alliance and continue raiding The Company is open for a tank and dps. Dps on a more limited basis, but if we find a tank and Kahl gets to play ret he may offer extra favors, that can't be said on the forums, for joining :P. We're currently 16/16N and 3H. We raid a bit later than what you guys did, but if you can do 7-11 server wed/thur/sun feel free to throw in an app at www.thecompanyguild.net or just talk to me ingame.
I'll pass along the note Andas to the remainder peeps.
Malim Praedari is currently looking for a good Hunter to fill our last dps slot we have been pugging. we are Currently 6/6 3/6 3/4
Our Raid times are tues/thurs 8-11pm CST

Feel Free to contact me, cleaveme, yardburger or visit our site at malimpraedari.com

My Tag is Paccoco#1375

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