Tuesday Question: Character Quirks.

Conversation with my well traveled, and still traveling, housemate the other night.

"So what was the training like?" She asked.
"Curious question about halfway through" I replied.
"Go on".
"Well the question they asked, quite out of the blue, was what cartoon character most resembles you?"
"And what did you pick?"
"Top Cat"
"Top Cat?"
"Top Cat"
"Why did you choose Top Cat? He was more crooked than a nine dollar note!"
"Yes, sure he paid lip service to authority, but ultimately, most, if not all of his motives were altruistic, he always thought of how he and his gang could get ahead, rather than purely selfish motives, how many episodes were him and the gang trying to right a wrong?"
"So what did the trainer say?"
"She looked at me and said I was more like Captain Caveman."
"I would have said Gargamel from The Smurfs".

The above conversation got me to thinking, what if it flowed in the opposite direction? How much of ourselves do we imprint on our characters? How do the characters we create and run around with mirror us and our personality?

And after years of playing, meeting a lot of people, sometimes in real life, I have come to the conclusion that even the most passive player manifests their personality in some small way, like a tiny pixel makes up a complicated image. These are usually character quirks, things you do, sometimes without even knowing it, that makes your character an extension of yourself.

And, during the Tuesday of the Dead, that long, dark vacation of the soul when the servers are offline, I compiled a short list of the quirks of my characters.

  • My Warrior, whenever slaying a giant or anything that makes a thud when it hits the ground, will always jump in the air, as if in reaction to the heavy target making a shockwave.
  • My Warlock is the Queen of disproportionate retribution, if slighted by a low level mob for example, will gleefully commit wholesale murder of that mob type, even of creatures innocent of that slight, to appease her desire for revenge.
  • My Hunter loves to kill cultists, so does my Rogue, after she steals everything that is not nailed down of course.
  • My Monk reflects my impulsive side. As a Fistweaver, I love wading into the big fights. As a Windwalker, will occasionly (while farming for leather) kill a different mob because "It looked at me funny" or "It spilled my pint" or "said something disparaging about your Mum".
  • I really ought to see someone professional about this. Sheesh.

    So what quirks do your character or characters have? Are they a reflection of your personality or world view? Or do you do it for gits and shiggles?

    Tell us your story.
    I just made a rogue who loves to steal stories. She tells them like she was actually there, even if the person she's talking to is the one who really lived it. :)

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