Currently looking for a guild to raid with.

I've been pugginf raids lately and its been making me want to get into a guild finally. I'm usually free after 8 ST. I'm currently spec'd as a Tank and Healer with similar gear for both.

If you are interested in me as a prospect for your guild either poke me in-game or just post here, as I'll check this thread every once and a while.
we would love to have you panderro. I wont bore you with the standard "here is my guild" spam of crap. we are are a lv 25 guild. we raid fri sat 1pm-3pm and sat and sun 1-3 pm realm time. we have a few members leaving the game, and could use you.

speak with me in game zen#1446
nocturnal is looking for a healer. check our thread...
Hey Panderro, we raid around 7:30 server on wed and thurs nights. Looking for a healer or possibly a tank. Not sure if that time frame is too early for you though. PST me or anyone in Max Threat if you are interested.
Thanks for all the interest!

Due to College (and the fact that I am Central Time Zone) I can't ,do anything earlier than 8pm ST.

So shameless bump for any other interested parties.
We have a group in need of a solid agi tank. We raid Sat/Sun 7:30 - 10:30 server. This group is 8/16 and has been running for 3 weeks now. Let me know if this works for you. for more info. You can also contact me, or Insomnia in game.

Panderro, Affliction has three 10 man teams with raid times starting at 8 PM server or later, six nights a week. None currently have a full time spot open for you, but there would be opportunities to fill in until a full time spot opens. The teams vary in progression 11/16 - 8/16.

Contact me in game if interested.
Panderro, my guild is currently LF a healer for our 10m grp. I just made a post if you are interested please read it. 14/16 clear normal.
<Melts in Your Mouth> is a smaller, laid back progression guild that consists mostly of real life friends. We are all experienced players that have done Heroic contend in prior expansions, and have recently started raiding this expansion. We are all geared and trying to find more experienced raiders to fit our 10man group, so we can raid come 5.2. We have been successfully pugging current content with success, just looking for a few more to fill our ranks.

What we are looking for:

Healer - Disc Priest
Rdps 1 - Hunter
Rdps 2 - Balance Druid/Shadow Priest

Raid Days/Times:

Tuesday - 9pm-12pm pst (Server Time)
Wednesday - 9pm-12pm pst (Server Time)
Sunday - 9pm-12pm pst (Server Time)
Finally found the guild for me.

Thank you all for the interest!

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