"Open After Hours" Guild Recruitment

We are currently level 10 guild recruiting all types of players people from leveling to people who want to start raiding. I you want an invite i am usually on all the time at any point. just whisper me in game or leave a post here.
Guild Level 15 now. Looking for any and all players. Not yet raiding but hope to get the numbers to start soon.
Guild level is now 20. We are beginning to run MSV Wednesday nights around 9:30 server time. All spots are currently open. The major spot to fill would be a healer. We have Resto Druid. We welcome any and all players right now. We have an active team with someone being almost all day long. Moving up the ranks is easy as long as you show your interest in wanted to be part of the guild. As for all new members everyone is extremely helpful and if you are new we would be more than happy to help you out. Please message me or either maybe that has posted from the guild. Thank you!
Hi , i'm recently new to WoW and i'm 5 days into the game. I've played a many of other mmorpg's and i'm learning fast . This guild sounds like the one for me and I was wondering if it is still active. I'm currently a lvl 40 Human Warrior/Fury build. Let me know :). In-game name is Indignis .

Thanks .

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