LFM Herald of the Titans

Hey everyone, Deception is forming a Herald of the Titans achievement group! This achievement requires you to lock your xp bar at 80 and we have to defeat Algalon the Observer in 10 man Ulduar with no one wearing any armor over ilvl 226 and no weapon over ilvl 232. We will accept lower ilvl than is the max and work our way to higher ilvl as necessary. We need 1 tank, 2 healers, and 2 dps. We plan on making our first attempt as soon as we gear the necessary people to test our ilvl and start mastering the mechanics of the fight. Don't miss your chance to get this rare title!

Send me an in-game mail with your battletag to start organizing the grp as we need to start farming the gear asap.
I have a toon I should have on this server in a week or so I would do it on, another DK that I would be willing to Tank or DPS it with. I'll send you more info this weekend assuming everything goes well with the transfer.
Good deal guys I will post an update soon !
Meh, actually it looks like (since my video card just fried) I won't be doing this. I'll just be taking a break for a bit. Sorry but GL. It's a fun achievement.
im interested
I would be interested in doing this. Please whisper me in game as to what you need still.
Have a 80 Druid that jsut needs to run through for gear

If you are not on Darkspear plz post your battletag so I can get ahold of you.
Me and my friend are interested, I'm a blood DK and she is Fire/Frost mage. I can Tank and dps if needed. We both have 210+ item level and have been waiting awhile for a group, so we would love to join if the group is still recruiting.
Yes we can use you both Julith post your battletag
If you have room for a prot war, holy pally, and rogue all 223-225ilvl we would like to join.

My warrior:

battletag: Raidou#1588
Hi icetray my name is javhaa my alt alt alt pally ATM 75 lvl I hope so tomorrow done 80 I have three spec holy is my main and then Ret prot when you gyus starting
Ohh sorry about that btw my battle tag is javhaa#1524
Bobeder#1718, dps monk I am ready to go whenever.
hi am platonn. i invited some mates for Herald of titans and im rdy to go. I got lock dps and feral druid he can tank as well and priest. Contact me my battle is javhaa#1524.
02/02/2013 10:42 PMPosted by Icetray
Yes we can use you both Julith post your battletag

Just wondering if the group is still going on. I have a friend that can heal for us if needed.
I didn't post my battletag as a reply sorry. It's Kyle43fdsa#1352. Just wanting to help and get it done.

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