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Ok I'm looking at starting some gear runs this weekend pls add my battletag shadowbolt#1653
I might be interested in this on my Draenei DK from the Proudmoore server. Will post on her in a little bit.
This is who I might team up with you guys(if you want). Tank. Have not played on it in like 2 years though.
Hey there, interested tank looking to see if there's an open spot and be appraised. Will send a mail with my info.
Dis thread be stompin
Are you still planning this? I have a Dranei Shadow Priest that I would love to do this with. Currently ilvl is ~ 196 (but this is including heirloom shoulders I have yet to replace).

Please let me know.
Ok guys need more for gear runs this saturday feb 23, 10 am darkspear realm time (US mountain time). Get ahold of me asap battletag shadowbolt#1653
If by some miracle any of you are still doing this add my battle.net at Riddum#1397

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