<Crisp> on Baelgun Selling Challenge Modes!

That's right folks!

We are offering sales runs for both Gold and Silver Challenge Modes achievements. Our runs are guaranteed to be completed quickly and efficiently while having a good time doing it! We have been running them extensively for the past few weeks and have gotten numerous top 30 U.S. times with our setup. Our group consists of the #1 U.S. ranked Resto Druid, the #7 ranked Hunter and the #8 ranked Mage for Challenge Mode times (according to wowprogress). And hey, our tank is pretty badass too!

What does this mean for you?

This means we are confident enough to sell our runs to any class of DPS that is willing to spend a day with some of us weirdos.

What would we require from you?

We would need you to be properly DPS specced/talented with an item level of atleast 463.

We would need you to be gemmed/enchanted and fairly knowledgeable of your class's limitations when it comes to not dying in high damage situations.

We would need you to know the basic mechanics of all the MoP heroic dungeons, as the Challenge Modes are big boy versions where everything matters.

And lastly, we would need you to have Skype for easier communication throughout the runs.


With our current raiding schedule we would be available to run these anytime after 12 PST on Fridays - Sundays. If you have any scheduling issues feel free to message me and we can probably work something out!

What would this cost me?

After much speculation we have agreed upon 30k per gold and 15k per silver.

This would further end up being 270k for your 9 golds or 135k for your 9 silvers.

But wait, you're on another server??

We are! Our Challenge Mode group consists of members of the guild <Crisp> on Baelgun, but that doesn't mean that we can't help out members of Sargeras with these runs! Challenge Modes can be completed cross realm, and you don't need to worry about the gold being transferred. It will all go to our toons on Sargeras!

And what do golds/silvers get me?!

Well I was hoping you would ask!

For all Bronze

"The Undaunted" title - http://www.wowhead.com/title=314/the-undaunted

This is a Battle.net achievement and is available to all your characters once you reach level 90.

For all Silver

Your choice of one the following mounts:
- Reins of the Crimson Pandaren Phoenix
- Reins of the Ashen Pandaren Phoenix
- Reins of the Emerald Pandaren Phoenix
- Reins of the Violet Pandaren Phoenix

For all Gold

- Teleports to each of the Mists of Pandaria dungeons (including Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance ports for Eastern Kingdoms)

- A total of 430 Achievement Points

- A class specific transmog gear set. Each set includes unique particle effects and special emotes.

- Death Knight: Golden Chest of the Lich Lord
- Druid: Golden Chest of the Cycle
- Hunter: Golden Chest of the Howling Beast
- Mage: Golden Chest of the Elemental Triad
- Monk: Golden Chest of the Regal Lord
- Paladin: Golden Chest of the Holy Warrior
- Priest: Golden Chest of the Light
- Rogue: Golden Chest of the Silent Assassin
- Shaman: Golden Chest of Windfury
- Warrior: Golden Chest of the Golden King
- Warlock: Golden Chest of the Betrayer

Still unconvinced??

As an added bonus, I've streamed the runs we've done in the last two weeks! Here are the links to some of our record runs (not high quality - sorry!):


See how much fun we have! Come be a part of our awesome group, and get a unique mount and transmog set in the process!

For more information, feel free to add my battletag - Fuzzii#1197, catch me on one of my Sargeras alts - Glitterbolt or Sparkleshell, or post here on the forums!
can i haz fo free?
01/29/2013 11:48 PMPosted by Alatise
can i haz fo free?

But you don't know the dungeon mechanics :(
Pretty tempting, if only I were a little less awful at ret. Now to find a group selling golds to tanks trololol.
01/30/2013 04:47 AMPosted by Thorin
Now to find a group selling golds to tanks trololol.

How hard could that be?
Rock hard
01/29/2013 11:52 PMPosted by Fuzzii
can i haz fo free?

But you don't know the dungeon mechanics :(

Bahaha Psh, already have a gold within one hour of trying. I got dis.
01/30/2013 10:22 AMPosted by Alatise
Bahaha Psh, already have a gold within one hour of trying. I got dis.

It's probably thanks to your Int gem. :D
daw man, i gone !@#$ed up big time.
01/30/2013 02:26 PMPosted by Alatise
daw man, i gone !@#$ed up big time.

Good thing I noticed! I saved you from that bad gem! Now you can punch for all the damages
Complimentary Taylor Swift karaoke upon request, know all songs, have IRL transmog
Do you guys sell individual runs?
02/03/2013 08:34 AMPosted by Mungoyoyo
Do you guys sell individual runs?

We do! 30k per gold or 15k per silver, whatever it is you need.
Awesome I'll be in touch with ya later today about setting up a run then!
I'll give this a stamp of approval. I'll admit, I haven't been keeping up with the current prices for Challenge Modes, but it sounds completely fair, especially in the sense that players can even buy the toughest couple CMs that they might have not been able to pug (ie: Brewery). To you guys, they must all be close to 4 mannable, so it's cool you're keeping the prices the same.

I've heard of cross-server cases (or even cases on Sargeras, you know who you are =p) where CM selling has involved groups unscrupulously violating the TOU to sell it for real life currency instead, but this is a legal and same-server transaction. And if people will pay a ton for T3 on the BMAH, why not this too? =p

I'm a little surprised it's taken this long for Challenge Mode selling to take off, but I figured it would happen eventually. Thank you for offering this service to Sargeras.
I might be interested in this,
Is the price Negotiable?
I'll give this a stamp of approval.

Thank you for offering this service to Sargeras.

Thank you, appreciate the support!

I might be interested in this,
Is the price Negotiable?

We can discuss this in game if you'd like, but I can't imagine that the price would be negotiated much lower. We're sticking to this set price for all of the Challenge Modes; as Digerati pointed out, some of them are harder than others, but we keep them all at the same price because that's what we've decided would be fair.
Bump for happy sales!

twitch.tv/fuzziii to follow our runs tonight. Mass is providing karaokee.
Sold anything yet ? If so, how did your runs go ?

I'm about to inflict some pain on you.

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