489 helm/496 chest - lfr 2pc worth it?

I just got 2 pieces of the tier to drop for me this week in lfr (helmet and chest). Right now, I have the valor 489 helmet and the 496 crafted chest. Is the 25% increase to raging blow worth a downgrade in item level/stats? Recount says raging blow is about 8% of my total DPS. I just don't really wanna waste money on gems/enchants/reforges if i ain't gonna use em.

Thanks in advance for the help!
Its not raging blow its bloodthirst
01/31/2013 01:44 AMPosted by Valun
Its not raging blow its bloodthirst

Considering how much we bloodthirst... I'd say take it. Plus you will have to gem enchant reforge when you get your 4pc which is, needless to say, an amazing set bonus

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