I need a main tank for HoF progression

Bleeding Hollow
I don't need one forever, I just need someone to help my guys out next week.

would prefer a warrior, a prot pally, or a BDK since you will be rolling on all the loot without opposition.
5-9 next tuesday and sunday. hit me up in game
we have a permanent spot for you if you're plate and are down for the cause.

bump this !@#$
See if you were Horde im sure you would of found someone by now.
I'm looking to transfer to the server. I've been raiding since late BC on a prot pally, but I took a break during Cata. Just started raiding a couple weeks ago in mists and I feel I can pull my weight. The first week completed MSV and moved on to HoF the second.


6/6 MSV
2/6 HoF
0/4 ToES

If you still need a warrior tank for next week feel free to hit me up. I would be interested.

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