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Wyrmrest Accord

<Cursed Legacy> is a heavy RP guild, that focuses its events mainly on its 'storyline'. We have a long, deep into lore, and complex storyline that will intrigue you till the end of days. Immerse inside your character, and WoW lore, while you discover the past of the 'order', the history of its creation, and our main objective with each passing event. Roleplay, and walk through the path of the legacy of "The Wicked One", create a story along with us that will be given to you at the very end. (We are writing a book about <Cursed Legacy>, get a GHI copy when we finish the 'storyline', join, and have your character be a part of it.)

  • Current Chapter: Chapter 3, Section 1 "A New Path"
  • Last non-story RP event: "Cursed Legacy War Games"
  • :::|||:::||:::|::LF Officers::|:::||:::|||:::

    We are currently looking for active officers!
    Officers must be:
  • Active (At least from 5-8pm server. Events are at 6:00pm)
  • Must be able to host an RP event by himself/herself.
  • Have experience.
  • Non-Dramatic (OOC)
  • Able to keep the intrigue in the 'storyline' (If you reveal something about the storyline IC or OOC, without permission from Jiiray [Second in Command], you will be kicked.)
  • Good RPfighter, and RPer in general.
  • You will not be working alone. Instead you will be working with a group of carefully selected players that fill the "Wicked Council".

    Also, we are looking for 'Wraith Knights' to take the leadership of the (Division) ranks: 'Assassin', and 'Vile Gladiator'. PST Jiiray or Scelestus for more info, or to apply.

    We will interview you and test you before making a decision.


    1. (Guild Leader)Dark Prophet- Scelestus "Scarecrow" Scelero

    2. (Second In Command/Co GL)Dark Seer- Jiiray "The Puppeteer- Arcane Spectre"

    3. (Officers) Wicked Council [None Yet--> To become an officer, you must be active, a wise RPer, a great RPfighter, able to host/manage big RP events by yourself, help other RPers, be on the guild for at least 1 month,, help with at least one of the things that were listed during your application to the website. (Descriptive paragraphs emote)]

    4. Elite++/Semi-officer)Order of Shadows [None yet--> To earn this rank, you must be active, a wise RPer, a great RPfighter, able to host/manage small RPevents, be on the guild for at least 2 weeks. (Descriptive paragraphs emote)]

    5. (Elite/Division rank leader)Wraith Knight- Jhorend [To become one, you must be active, a wise RPer, a good leader, a great Rpfighter, able to host/manage small RPevents, be on the guild for at least 1 week. (Descriptive paragraphs emote)]

    6. (Division Rank1)Vile Gladiators- MANY [To become one, you must complete the 'ritual']

    7. (Division Rank2)Dark Conjurers- MANY [To become one, you must complete the 'ritual']

    8. (Division Rank3)Assassins- MANY [To become one, you must complete the 'ritual']

    9. (Normal Rank)Follower- MANY [Complete the interview and succesfully join the guild IC]

    10. (OOC)Wanderer- MANY [Get an invite to the guild]


  • Inter-guild RP
  • RP campaigns (Guild Storyline)
  • RP Campaigns (Non-story)
  • Guild Meetings
  • The Ritual (Once or twice a week. Depends on quantity of OOC members online)
  • Random RP events.
  • Training
  • Special Training
  • Large Scale Training
  • Cursed Legacy War Games (Once a month)
  • :::|||:::||:::|::Rules::|:::||:::|||:::

  • Do not talk about <Cursed Legacy> IC.
  • Do not give away or hint the location of our HQ.
  • Do not give away or hint the location of the Wicked One's tomb.
  • Try not to RPfight at Stormwind, this will bring IC problems to the guild, and delay 'storyline' RP.
  • Try not to hang around much at Stormwind bars, if a guard guild or enemy guild sees you, you will be attacked ICly. (Only if they've seen your face IC, know you are part of <Cursed Legacy> IC, you are wearing the tabard, or you are a known target.)
  • Do not godmod. (Even if someone godmods against you.)
  • Do not metagame. (Even if someone metagames against you.)
  • Do not give away or hint the location of our HQ.
  • Do not give away or hint the location of the Wicked One's tomb.
  • Do not encourage drama in guild chat or any other OOC channel.
  • Do not point fingers for IC errors, as well as OOC.
  • If you want to complain about something, whisper any of the officers. (Wicked Council<Dark Seer+Dark Prophet)
  • Whisper a target before attempting to kill him/her.
  • :::|||:::||:::|::The Ritual::|:::||:::|||:::

    The ritual is one of the signature events of the guild. In order to rank up, you -must- complete the ritual and promise your loyalty, both, IC, and OOC, to the guild.

    "In order to achieve power, one must make sacrifices."

    The ritual is where you pledge your loyalty to the Wicked One in order to gain 'power', but power is not the only reason. To gain power, you must renounce to all the 'good' things in life, dreams, home, family.

    After completing the ritual, you become 'bound' to <Cursed Legacy> IC. This meaning that you can no longer leave, IC or OOC. If you do leave OOCly, or ICly, we will deny ever inviting you to the guild, and you would lose all knowledge of us ICly. Your experience with <Cursed Legacy> and its members (Who did complete the ritual), would be replaced with a dream or any other events/actions of which you may decide. If you do betray the code, and the IC/OOC agreement, this will be considered metagaming. The reason that we are doing this, is that ICly the Wicked One, and the shadows, wouldn't ask us to invite those who are not worthy. Also, ICly, if you leave us, we would kill you without hesitating; unfortunately, we cannot do this without your OOC approval, which is a shame.

    :::|||:::||:::|::IC Whispers/Recruitment, in case you want to join::|:::||:::|||:::

    *You've been having different nightmares every night, always involving a voice, a voice which you can hear clearly as if it was your own. The voice is deep and it seems to be coming from
    your surroundings, rather than a specific person. It invades your mind and takes over your own thoughts, you cannot differentiate it from your own. He speaks about power, on how Azeroth turns its back on you, and how the world as you know it, will soon come to an end. A new cataclysm perhaps? Suddenly, out of the darkness, you are somewhere else instead of your room. The place is dark, it looks like the middle of outlands, Terrokar Forrest during a dark night, no lights can be seen. You walk around, scanning your surroundings; at the distance you can see a group of people. You walk towards them, preoccupied of what may happen, but you stop as you notice movement from another group, they are about to ambush them. You yell, trying to warn them, but there is nothing you can do about it, it is too late. The group clashes with the army.. a bloody battle indeed; but in the end, the small group stands with twenty warriors, and the army falls... You are taken through the twisting nether, by a portal that takes you to a room, where the small group holds a meeting. You can see two granite graves at the end of the room, which lays at the wall of a cliff. In front of the graves, five new members kneel, reciting an oath, they gain power, knowledge, and hope. The voice, finally, speaks again, he speaks words of wisdom, even though he promises great things, power. Then, as the voice fades, he tells you a time and a location to meet his legacy. Do not arrive late* (Whisper Jiiray or Scelestus in-game for more info.)

    :::|||:::||:::|::Links and Extra Information::|:::||:::||:::
  • Guild Website: http://cl.guildlaunch.com
  • Current Events (To get up to date with guild events. You must read it to get up to day with what has happened in the storyline.)
  • Chapter 1 Short Story: "The Wild West" + Who was the Wicked One? http://cl.guildlaunch.com/sections/lore/?gid=293455
  • Cursed Legacy War Games Information:
  • Cursed Legacy website:

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