Addon to repost expired items in AH

UI and Macro
I have a toon with loads and loads of items to sell, and my mail box its a mess, i dont even have enough space in bank/bags to store all the itens, they are on the mailbox all the time.

Is there any addon, that will repost all itens that i have on my bag automaticaly, without me having to put one by one?

i already have auctioneer, but as far i know, there isnt anything like that. Maybe im missing something.
If you mean "automatically" as in you hit a button or macro and then the game pulls multiple items from your bags and posts them while you're afk or not hitting anything, then no. They removed the ability to do that with Cataclysm. Each AH posting requires a hardware event. (A posting in this context can use the split stack posting feature--a post of 20 sha crystals or a post of 10 stacks of 2 sha crystals both require one hardware event)

If you mean "automatically" as in you expect to hit a button to post each auction but want some help with setting prices, then yes that's possible. Auctioneer which you have should be able to do that. TSM is another popular one.
Thanks for the info Ro.
If you log in to the remote AH on your phone or ipad you can actually get things to relist straight from your mail to the AH. The first time I discovered this I was very excited.

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