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this is more out of curiosity than it is actually a problem. right now im raiding in wow on a 16g 2.3GHz intel core i7 mac book pro with retina display running iOS 10.8.2. i notice that when i am at home i can turn the graphics to ultra and my game runs fine. occasionally dropping below 20FPS.
and when i run an internet speed test at home it says i download at about 10mbps.
the problem comes when i go on campus at my college and my frame rate drops to between 2-5 FPS and when i check the internet speed its between 20-30 mbps, which is obviously over double my home internet speed and yet my fram rate drops
this post mighty be entirely due to my lack of knowledge in online gaming and any of the topics that were brought up previously. now when i lower my graphics settings the game runs fine. and that is perfectly fine with me i just want to understand why with that great of internet speed and a expensive computer why is it that during a raid everyone stops moving and then eventually catches up to whats happening in real time and if there is anything i can do to prevent it. :)
any help is much appreciated
Post a full dxdiag log.

When you have these issues on campus, post a full traceroute and pathping.
um not quite sure what any of that means Dxdiag log is related to direct X which is a windows program so i cant get that one

when i go to find my traceroute and pingpath it says i need to enter a domain name such as www.example.com
Any chance of a blue post updating us on this issue that has been persisting for over 5 months now?
I have the exact same computer that you do (down to the memory config.) and I posted something very similar. So far, I have gotten 0 responses.

It's astounding that a $2000 laptop fails to play MoP at anything higher than 960x600 and low settings without dipping into the low 30s. Ahem, my iPhone 4S has a higher resolution.

I don't think we'll hear any time soon, so I've unsubbed and letting my account expire until we get a fix. I don't want to do the beautiful 5.2 dungeons in 960x600... what's the point even!
well if we make this a popular thread im sure someone will notice

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