[A] LF Core Raiders

Redeemers of Azeroth has a few core spots open on its second 10M raid team, meaning you would not waste away on the bench... If you want to raid and are not, we strongly encourage you to give us a look.

This Team Raids On
Tuesday, Thursday, Monday 6:30-9:30PM PST

About Us
Redeemers of Azeroth is a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a passion for progression. Our primary goal is to conquer raid content and have a good time doing so.

Our rules are simple... Show up, perform well, enjoy yourself doing it and you will be rewarded!

All interested applicants should head to our website and fill out the supplied application found in the Recruitment section of the site or contact one of the listed Officers for more information.

Guild Website: roa.enjin.com

Contact in game:
Kynvera / Jemarah

We currently have an open core spot for a RDPS player on our Tues, Thurs, Mon (6:30-9:30 server.) Pref the one of the following classes

    Ele Shaman
    Shadow Priest
Bumping for RDPS... 2 current core position openings on a this team (currently 7/16 progression.) You do not need to be uber geared, just willing to work as part of a team when it comes to killing bosses.

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