(H) <Minigame> 1/13H Recruiting

Minigame are a newly reformed 10 man horde guild on Barthilas with a casual, yet progression focused approach to raiding. Our roster is comprised of a mix of ex-hardcore players and casual raiders so we aim for pushing content without the need to raid 5-6 days a week.

We are a very social guild and can normally be found on off days playing various other multiplayer games or generally just dicking around on vent. Be warned, if you complain about "PVP on a PVP server" you will be made fun of. lots.

Anyone applying must be switched on with an ability to follow instructions. We use Ventrilo as a voip server and using it is a must in raids. We prefer applicants to have good raiding experience but if you can prove that you are switched on, committed and willing to learn we would be more than happy to train you up. Staying out of fire is also a big plus...

Currently recruiting:

Sham dps (prefer melee) / Mage

Regardless of what we are recruiting we will always consider exceptional applicants, so if your class isn't on the list and you consider yourself a good player feel free to drop in an app anyway.

Raid times:
(All times are Barthilas server time GMT+10.)

Monday: 7:00pm-11:00pm
Wednesday: 7:00pm-11:00pm
Thursday: 7:00pm-11:00pm

Anyone interested in applying head over to http://minigame.enjin.com and fill out an app.
bump for locks, gogogogo
types that word so the thread moves magicaly
01/31/2013 09:54 PMPosted by Discipél
types that word so the thread moves magicaly

is this magic?
also PVE > minigame just saiyan'

Fixed that for you.
Bump for 8/16H, because Wind lord is hard.
Bump because Paladins are !@#$
Just saiyin!
nice 450 bracers apathy
Bump for any healer that isn't a priest or druid since shamans don't exist.
bump for 5.2 and ranged dps
bump for a priest
bump for people
bump for people and 5.2
free waffles and/or reach arounds to successful applicants.
still looking for a healer and a dps with OS tank.
Bump because Vizier is dead, and magmara will still find a way to die from attenuation
bump for i didn't die the most and where the resto shamans at

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