PVP Idea for Light's Hammer

Light's Hammer, as a PVP skill, is seriously lacking. It's targeting is a fixed position AOE and it's damage/healing is done over a 16 second duration, meaning that the skill it's self is exceptionally easy to avoid by an aware opponent. The skill has almost no value in pvp, especially when compared to it's competing talents (Holy Prism and Execution Sentence).

It needs to have some utility attached to the skill to make it competitive with the other two lvl 90 talents. So why not have it apply the Veneration effect from MoP's conceptual talent phase?

Veneration was a skill that basically granted the paladin and any of his allies that were standing on his Consecration effect immunity from Snares and roots, essentially being a group wide freedom ability. By allowing Light's Hammer to grant this effect, not only will the Skill be more useful in PVP, but it'll grant the paladin more group utility.
Not every talent in every tier is going to have applications in every environment. Just accept that some talents are useless in certain situations.

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