Good spots in MOP for Pally level grinding

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I just started leveling my prot Pally again and was pleasantly reminded how many mobs our Pally's can take at one time. It actually got me thinking that I could probably level faster killing mobs than running all over Pandaria hunting down quests. I have a full level of 2x exp at the moment as well.

I was curious if anyone had any ideas on good grinding spots where MOBS spawn pretty quickly and where I can grab groups of them at a time. I just dinged 86 and will probably grind and dungeon tank up to 90 if it's viable.


its not...go ret and quest, you will thank me later
Play what you want, and if that means tanking and AoE grinding then by all means do it. I'm sure you can Google it and find a few good spots, as I haven't spent much time learning names and zones when questing. But gl to you and hope you have lots of fun!

can you imagine the 89-90 grind how long that wll take just standing and killing mobs as prot...they wont do enough dmg to give you enough vengeance to be able to out dps ret.

Rets self heals will give you the survivability to aoe groups as can still tank instances but mob grining to level 85-90 will take FOREVER compared to questing
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its not...go ret and quest, you will thank me later

Yeah. This. It's less painful.
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its not...go ret and quest, you will thank me later

Even going prot and questing is a better idea than going prot and just killing mobs.
if AoE grinding as prot is what he wants to do then why not tell him where he can go to do so instead of trying to make him play as you do?
Mostly because there's no decent AoE grinding spots in MoP, because 'good' would mean reasonable XP/H.
to people who think that the replies here are trying to force him to play as other do... uh... um... NO.

in the past grinding was NOT just a "playstyle" it was OFTEN BETTER experience per hour than questing. the reason people often did it is because it was QUICKER than questing NOT just cause they "liked it".

its extremely relevant to his question to inform him that grinding to level is god awful slow and so he should consider that as he considers how is "wants" to play.
The only place I could think of that would actually be viable for endless mob grinding would be the first starting point in MoP where you have to blow up the supplies, and make your way to the top of the temple. Lots and lots of mobs, on a fast respawn, and they spawn in groups of 3-4 but once you do those 4 or so quests they are gone.
Could any of the Virmen areas in V4W be relatively efficient? I feel like their spawn times can be wild in some areas.
Don't: Mindlessly grind.

Do: Gather all the quest mobs for a quest in one go and AoE them down.

Goes just as fast overall as questing as Ret, just the kill spam and the looting are paced differently.
Townlong Steppes near anger point iirc. There is a quest there where you use Flares to find hidden enemies. They leave a trail of "dust" while they are sneaking. If you go there you can probably kill a few waves. But any more than 5 to 6 waves I started taking tons damage, and killed me in the end. I think I ended up getting some debuff that lowered my armor (haven't confirmed). If your looking for some grinding I recommend going there at lvl 88. You can set it up to pull 4 to 5 and position yourself to be auto chain pulling. Usually by the time I killed 1 or 2 you can pull or let them walk into your AoE and the trash will just joy the fray and keep on coming.

I was using the Seal of Insight and was doing fine till I started taking massive damage. Once you get the feel to manage it, I am sure it could be what you are looking for at least for levels 88-90.
I tried that for a short period, gave up, went ret and quested. You can still "AOE grind" quest mobs as ret decently.

If you insist on prot AOE grinding, there are not very good spots and it will be painfully long leveling.

The days of Prot AOE grinding tons of Undead mobs are gone...
Not only is aoe grinding not very fast these days, you will miss out on gear upgrades if you try to skip quests. You need your weapons and armor to keep up with you as you level.
actually grinding is not that bad in pandaland, i've leveled 5 almost 6 alts to 90 atm grinding and just Que ing for dungeons, at 89 on my druid im getting about a bubble of experience every 20mins or so, and doing a dungeon i gain about the same if not less in that time frame, its preference, i also enjoy grinding because of all the overpowered blues and greens i loot for alts leveling up, so my hunter, mage, warlock, priest and monk are going to all be super twinks 80-84 :D
I am a Protection Paladin. Last night I was in the Valley, riding along the northern range, searching for some way to get onto The Wall, when I came upon some NPCs called Mogu Infiltrator's in the little corner of the map above the Heartland, above the pools, to the West of the small lake there.

I found the pickings so good, I left off my doings and sat right there and did about an 18 million XP grind over about 3 hours.

At 88 I got 63k+ XP each, and they are pretty close together. About 8-9 spawn together. Watch out for the Elite who spawns near the cave (you'll see what I'm sayin') once in awhile. In fact, if he spawns, stay away from him, as he may well kill you. But the rest are easy peasy. Start at one end of the area, and just start pulling and kite them along til you have 6 or 7 and just grind them down!

Now I'm looking for a similar situation to grind my way to 90 with. Good luck!
I agree with Fermentedcat. AoE grind and que for dungeons. I made good xp that way BUT if you want gold then questing is the better way to go
If you're going to aoe grind don't forget to use your guild standard for the extra exp. It adds up quickly.

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