Hunter, Mage, and DK tank LF Guild

Hunter, Mage, and DK tank looking for a guild running or wanting to run 10 mans. Looking mainly for Tues/Wed/Mon for raiding around 4:30-7:30 server. Flexible on some time slots.
All around around iLvl 470, and know and understand the fights and mechanics.
Chaos Knightz is recruiting, and we could use either of those classes for our core group. We raid Tues and Thurs at 5pm-7pm server time, but we are considering adding another day. We began late on the raiding curve and are currently progressing through HoF. When 5.2 comes out we will be moving towards and focusing on the new content. And we are also looking to build a 2nd group which will require a raid leader position. If you are interested, please contact myself, Larex, Vladmiri, Deadsqual, or Rage, in game via whisper or in game mail. Our website is

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