Warcraft Movie Update: Director Signed!

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wait, you quick playing, but you still read the forums? (-_-)ゞ゛
For the shiny!

Nice! This is still in development, I thought Blizzard had abandoned it.

Now I just wonder when we'll get an announcement about Project Titan...
At Blizzcon, probably. Blizz recently trademarked "Project Blackstone," which doesn't really sound like it fits with any of their existing IPs.
01/30/2013 04:58 PMPosted by Nethaera

Oh dear...
Sweet to see this starting out!
I will care when we get some pre-production photos and write-ups, personally.
This is either going to be really good or absolutely terrible.
I've never even heard of this director...I'm guessing this movie is going to flop soooo hard. Then again haven't we always known that?
Live Action Thrall The Movie
Jones directed Source Code man! Pretty solid Movie.
All right! Let's keep this pace up! Get the first actor signed up in 2017!
Live action movie?

To be honest, it's disappointing that the movie will not be done by Blizzard's amazing cinematography, but I do hope that the movie will turn out to be good either way.
Who? Never heard of him.
01/30/2013 05:20 PMPosted by Superlurker

Oh dear...

Yeah, I wish they'd let their cinematic team have at this, but then it'd probably never get finished from lack of manpower.
I'll be happy when I see some dates instead of "upcoming" for the movie.


And if Will Wheaton (@wilw on twitter) doesn't get a part, I'm not watchin' it.

Really? You're such a huge fan of his that you spelled his name wrong?
Yay!! =D *happy*
So pumped, :).
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They're still working on this? I thought it was a myth.

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