Solo lady Vasj. Tips?

Anyone have any tips. It's my first attempt at trying to solo older raid bosses. Phase 2 is what kills me. I just get overwhelmed by everything going on. And as soon as I lose track of those tall lanky creatures (I forget their names) that fear you, well it's pretty much over for me.

The best I was able to do was get 2/4 of the orbs, and that really isn't good.

Any tips for beating her?
You can usually spot these tall strider adds from a mile away and they usually go down in 2 shots.

I haven't done vashj in MOP, I would assume mana is the main problem in p2 though.
Nothing is the problem in phase 2, there's no way you can die because nothing on that fight does enough damage to kill you, not even Vashj with her stacks at max

Phase 2 is as simple as find/kill/loot the corrupted water elementals.
Just wanted to bring this back up

I just got my priest to 90 and she is at about 440 ilevel. I was wondering though, do you guys prefer to do this as disc or shadow?

Also one other thing, do the tainted sometimes bug out for you guys too? i would have gotten 3/4 on my best attempt but it ended up being 1/4 because 2 of the tainted died but i didnt get a loot bag icon so i couldnt loot it. On the previous attempt two of them just despawned once i cast mind flay on them. Mind Blast hasnt bugged any of them out yet, tried mind spike but it caused one of the ones to die but not be lootable. I just hearthed out of SSC a few minutes ago and i just thought about this too, does master looter/free for all matter at all if you are the only one in the instance? i figured it didnt matter since i'm the only one there so it should FFA by default, but i just thought i would check.

kinda sucks that the two bugged out, because that last attempt was going really well too.
If you're the only person in the instance it shouldn't matter, but if you're in a group/party/raid you should set it to FFA to be on the safe side.

I haven't done SSC since Cataclysm, but I never experienced any of the bugs you mentioned. I always did the fight as shadow, it's faster and (imo) you have more tools to quickly deal with the various mobs as they come.
Think i may have figured it out...managed to get her into P3 on two attempts. But i am having trouble keeping the adds from giving her too many buff stacks.

What i did was i invited my other toon that is on a trial account. Formed a raid and set it to free for all loot. My toon is level 1 of course sitting in the gnome starting zone. So far none of the adds have bugged out, and i have used shadow word pain to kill them all.

So now i just need help working on the little adds. The elites and the striders arent too much of a problem, i just need to work on spotting them better. But what do you guys do for the little adds? i picked up halo but it has a 25sec CD, i tried holy nova but it kinda sucks.
I just Mind Flay them down! Glyph of Mind Flay is probably a nice boost to your mobility on this one. In any case, letting the adds give Vashj stacks was never really an issue for me... She never did enough damage to kill me, even with upwards of 15-20 stacks. D: Try using Cascade or even Divine Star over Halo. You may hit fewer targets but the shorter CDs imo will help you deal with the adds in a pinch more frequently.

If you're taking a lot of damage from Vashj then Glyph of Inner Fire is probably a good bet.
Yup i've been doing mind flay when halo is on CD. But from the time i start running to the time i get back with the core x4 she gains like 60 stacks total by the time P3 starts. I just didnt know if there was a more efficient way to do it.
Oh wow, that's a lot of stacks haha. I actually just don't even bother killing the corrupted dudes if they're on the opposite end of the room. Eventually they despawn and I just wait for spawns wherever I am. I hang around on the outer edge of the platform on the south side and kill everything from there. If nothing spawns on that side I wait it out.

It's terribly inefficient but that's just how I've always done it. >.>
I had a qustion about vasj, in phase two i do fine even with her at 99 stacks its fine as long as i keep the stryders down for fears. but when i hit p3 I saw no striders up but i was chain feared for 55 seconds and vasj eventually killed me. is this a bug or did i just miss something? or does vasj have a fear as well?
lol I solo'd it, everything up to ICC I can solo. you just VT every mob higher than 5k health and just sit there killing adds, you wait until you see green water bolts, just wait for 4 of them imo, while mind flaying the boss or just insta killing adds, then go down to the base and kill all 4 of the green water elements, get the keys or w/e and go unlock the pillars, then just kill that chick, pretty easy

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