[A] Looking for more for Herald of the Titans

Aerie Peak
Greetings Aerie Peak!
Some friends and I are going to try for this feat of strength and title and are in need of five more dedicated players.
This achievement requires 10 people to defeat Algalon the Observer on 10 man without having equipped gear that exceeds what's available in Ulduar 10. This means you cannot equip armor above 226 item level and weapons 232.

The five of us already have 80s are in the process of gearing up. Right now we have a feral/guardian druid, a healing priest, a prot/fury warrior, a mage, and a paladin (will likely be ret).
We need two more healers and dps, if you want to be a tank one of us can go dps.
I'd love to get one of each class but we'll take any dedicated players.
You do not need to know the fight right now, however when the time comes you'll be expected to know without much explanation.

If you are interested, please send me an in-game mail to Brixxie.
We are now looking for a single healer to fill our 10 man group. We'll be taking a month to get prepared, geared up, and all that jazz.

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